Monday, December 13, 2010

Scenes from the weekend: an Elvis tribute, cookies, friends and lots of eating

Busy week/weekend for us.

 -thankfully it was a sunny weekend so we were able to take Beli to the playground, she was so happy.

-drove downtown and came across a free concert: a tribute to Elvis, the guy was very good. 

-Christmas shopping

-had coffee with friends here and here and here!

-had lunch with friends here

-baked white chocolate chewy cookies and drank mint-green tea with friends

-Beli helped Baki, Grandma decorate the Christmas tree and she said something that just melted my heart, " this is the most beautiful star in the world" a phrase my Mother-in-law had said days ago and she was beyond excited placing the ornaments on the tree.
 And she saw St. Nicholas on the eve of December 6th. She was afraid at first but when St. Nick called Beli's name and showed her a  present, she said, "poklon?" and ran towards him!

- I've been packing and rearranging the stuff in my suitcase.
 Amazing how quickly the weigh adds up, I know there is more than the 25kg limit! So how was your weekend? Did you baked cookies?Went shopping? Took long naps?


  1. we did have a storm and had a blizzard warning yesterday. i took a nap sunday morning, but spent most of the weekend working. although, work had to be the most boring place ever. the storm kept a lot of people away from shopping

  2. The pictures are so pretty!! I love the 3rd and the 6th especially. The 6th one with basket swing or ride is awesome. What a fun weekend you had! You guys are such social people. Very cool!! I'm glad you had a nice weekend!! So, you're off for the holiday? 25kg is nothing! Packing for a trip by airplane is so hard these days because of the weight limit.

  3. Seems like you had a great weekend. Bad weather here all weekend, but I'm sure you heard about it, it affected the whole Midwest, haven't left the house since Friday morning. Hopefully next weekend will be ok for final Christmas shopping.
    As far as packing, bring as little as possible because you know you'll go back with more!!

  4. I haven't even started packing for my trip home on Friday...eeeek! And an elvis tribute...haha, how random!

  5. Great pictures. You always have such a fantastic time! Little Beli is so cute, I can't wait until my little Colin & Aiden can talk...perhaps next Christmas. Oh, packing these days is a real challenge, I'm such a pack rat!

    Thanks for the comment on my blog, it's always great to hear from you. I love the idea about the fruits and ribbon down the table. The orange is great too....been making those since my children were small. Lemons and tangerines work well too and add beautiful color. Use a toothpick to puncture the oranges then insert the cloves....for years I just poked the cloves into the fruit, and if you do a number of them it really wears on your fingers. I think my Portuguese grandmother did this...not sure; but Martha Stewart did it back in the 1980's. Thanks for reminding me....I'm so behind on my Christmas decorating. Have a wonderful day and hugs to family. Yvonne

  6. Ohhhh less than 8 hours, yikes!! Have a safe and relaxing trip...where will you be again?? Yah I'll be in the midwest all over the place. Hopefully will be blogging - but will be so busy so we'll see what happens...that will...kind of be fun :)

  7. @Sarah, I have my winter jacket all ready!

    @Kaho, it was chilly but it was nice to be walking in the city, Beli once rode that basket ride when she was about 16 months, I was so nervous but she loved it. It was a busy time meeting with each of our friends but so fun to spend time one on one and to wish each other a Merry xmas and a new year.

    @Ivonne, you are right, I always pack too much then I have to leave stuff behind. My parents warmed me about the cold weather. it will be almost midnight when we arrive, if road is horrible to drive then we may stay in the hotel. will let you know!

  8. Aw, I will be in Cedar Rapids and Iowa city this weekend! Not as far as Des Moines though. Let's think of eachother and wave to the respectful directions :)

  9. (I have been stalking the weather because I'm driving from IN...looks alright so far!!)

  10. You have such a fun life over there! I love Elvis. Was he great live? Impersonators of him are some of the best!

    xO M

  11. There was a tornado around here today, but thankfully not in my area. Other than that it is quiet and restful. If you call baking cookies and pies restful.

  12. Sounds like you had a great time:) I love the Elvis Tribute:) How cool
    Kisses, darling

  13. elvis live? talk about having some fun :)
    we've been busy here too. counting down the days for xmas!


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