Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My Mom asked me if I was going to make Christmas cards this year. I said oh sure. Expect them in the mail soon. I thought it would be a piece of cake to ask Beli to stand in front of the tree and say cheese!

This was our first attempt, but Beli was not interested in standing in front of the tree.
Fifth attempt, maybe sixth?
So we walked to the other side of the mall to see the elves and Santa's workshop hoping we could capture one photo with the three of us.

I think I will be making a photo collage with all these photos. That's a good idea right?


  1. I love that you caught her in blurred action, actually! It'd be such a super-cute thing to fit into a photo (maybe a collage?) somehow :)

  2. I think the last photo is perfect.

  3. That sounds great! I really love those photos and the tree is fantastic:)
    Kisses, my dear

  4. How funny, a collage would be perfect!!

    That's a gorgeous Christmas tree

  5. funny! just spent half of my saturday trying to do the same over here. I might have to work on photoshop to come up with something good ;)

  6. hilarious!! I think the one of her running is a way more accurate card anyway, haha :)

  7. How adorable! It's so hard to take a photo of little kids, isn't it? That's why I want to get an SLR. That Christmas tree is amazing!!

  8. I love the last photo! The Christmas tree and Santa's workshop look amazing.

  9. @Jude, that was my favorite photo!

    @Ivonne, we were lucky to capture one image where she was actually looking at the camera.

    @Diana I find a way to combine all these photos. I think my Mom will be very happy!

    @Ana, the mall does a great job at decorating.

    @house09, I saw your weekend photos where you went to cut the xmas tree,maybe you can incorporate some of those?

    @Krystal, my thoughts exactly.hehe

  10. How fun! I love that tree and your daughter looks ecstatic!!

    xO M

  11. What a cutie! Photo collage sounds great.


Thank you for your comments!

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