Friday, January 7, 2011

~Enero: A month in the Midwest

These past few weeks were busy with cooking, baking, eating, shopping, and more eating. Beli is enjoying spending time with all her cousins. She gets along well with all of them,but she is very possessive of her toys when it comes to sharing with her youngest cousin Daniel. She says, "Mami  no presto el perrito a Daniel. no,no." I explain to her that she has to share.

She is also picking up many English phrases like, "this is mine!" hmmmm. Her Croatian exposure is minimal, but then again she is on vacation right? Daddy calls everyday but Beli refuses to talk to him. I don't know why.

 Do any of you who have kids have this same issue when one parent goes away for a short period of time? Any words of encouragement?

Have a wonderful weekend.  Beli and I will be going to the Children's Museum tomorrow. I should be back to posting more often. ( I decided to go ahead and  purchase storage space from google so I could share all my photos with you.) You know me, I love taking pictures. So what will you be doing this weekend?


  1. the childrens museum in IC??? yeah jordan creek!

  2. Beli....So attentive and so......probably missing daddy. Just wants to focus on something else for now. {That's probably why the sharing thing is hard too...Something has to stay the same...HERS!!! :-)}

  3. Hellow? We missed your posts :)
    The ginger mansion looks yummie.
    Happy new years!!!

  4. Nice to see a post from you. Don't concern yourself too much with Beli's behavior. Children of that age don't like to speak on the phone... seeing is believing. She will be all hugs and kisses for her daddy when you get home.

  5. Have been missing your input on the blog, glad your having a great time there !
    And as you're asking what's done for the weekend, well, some cooking of course, some reading, and loads of details to organise on my pc.
    Found a lot about "spilja" (caves) around Biokovo, mountainbike trails and flora and fauna, all of course about Croatia.
    Enjoy your stay overthere, great pictures!!!
    (did'nt know Beli wears glasses :-)

  6. i hope you had fun at the children's museum. did you go ice skating at the rink "next door" too.

  7. you should def try getting those notebooks, they are SO CUTE!

  8. Krystal: yes the Museum in IC. and we went shopping at Jordan Creek!! (too many shops, LOL!!)

  9. @Poetess,
    I never thought about it that way. hehe

  10. Hi Ana! LOL that ginger bread was a disaster but it was fun. one of the walls of the house was broken so I tried holding it in place while 5 little pair of hands tried to decorate the roofs and windows. LOL. but when I let the wall go, it all came tumbling down! the kids said, "a snowstorm blew the house!" LOL

  11. Ivonne. I hope so. it's Daddy that is sad on the other side of the phone. but soon we will have internet at my parents and we will be able to speak via Skype.

  12. Looks wonderful! No advice from me, I'm afraid. These little darlings are a mystery, some times, aren't they?!

  13. By the way, even when you're away, your blog is one of the bests around! That's why I'm giving you the Stylish Blogger Award! :-)

  14. This happened to me, when I went away on business. I find it only happened when my daughter was younger, about 2-3, then it stopped about 4. She understood I was away and wanted to say things like "good night". I think it's just an age thing. Happy New Year.

  15. Hi Pim! that's great you found all that info about the caves, I'm assuming you will be visiting these places in the summer?

    hehe, Beli loves to wear Grandma's reading glasses. she looks very cute!

  16. That first photo is just the sweetest! Your daughter is just a doll. No kids here (yet) so no advice.

    xo Marcie

  17. good to hear from you! adorable pics, good that you bought more space, keep them coming ;)

    my baby acted the same way this past year when my husband was away. he would get so sad! I would just talk to her a lot about him (like all the time all day) and whenever she asked for him I would call him.

  18. Glad that you are having a lovely time,sweetie. That Birthday cake looks so delicious:) Have fun in the children's museum!
    Hugs and kisses

  19. Enjoy your time!!
    Well, my oldest (5) does not really like talking on the phone, even to Papa when he's away. 5- year old also is anti-Skype at the moment. Sometimes it works when I let him be completely alone on Skype with the grandparents (or whomever).

    probably just a phase.
    Laura in Ludwigsburg

  20. @Sarah, we didn't make it to the ice rink, but I would probably fall flat on my face, I don't know how to skate!LOL

    @Heidi, yes kids work in mysterious ways!

    @Poetess, thank you!!

    @Beach Vintage, yesterday was the first time I was able to Skype and Beli was thrilled to see her Daddy, which made Hubby happy!

    @Marcie thank you for your sweet comment!

  21. Happy New Year, Elisa!! I really enjoyed seeing your photos. I can feel how much fun you had back home. I wouldn't worry about the phone thing. When little kids around her age are having so much fun, talking on the machine like a phone doesn't appeal to them. :) Nothing personal. Glad you enjoyed the holiday! My girl (especially my younger one) speaks mixed now. Her English is stronger. Her older sister's influence. Sigh. :) So glad you're back! hugs, Kaho


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