Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Some Serious Fun

This weekend we finally made it to the Children's Museum in Coralville. The kids had a blast. You really should plan on spending several hours as there is much to see!
A few things Beli did: shopped for food in the grocery store, ran the cash register, drove the ambulance, baked pizzas, ran the family farm, assembled race cars, and even flew an airplane!Afterwards we had lunch in Iowa City at an Indian restaurant. Yum. the food was delicious. Then we stopped by the Java House and had a cup of hot chocolate. Perfect way to end the day!


  1. In one word: "ODLICNO", or should I say FANTASTIC.
    Being a (62 years old)big kid myselve, I can understand what a joy such place is.
    Those plane pics just look fantastic, WOW !!!
    Never would imagine girls love planes as much as boys do.
    Time to have such things in Split !!!!!
    Nothing beats the fantasy of kids, lucky me, I still have a tiny bit of it in my blood.
    Can you imagine what all those impressions do to a kids mind, oof, super !!
    Just GREAT !!!!

    Have a fantastic time there, the two of you together !

  2. Made me smile, that little grocery store...with carts! Cool! :-)

  3. That sounds so fun and it looks like Beli had a blast:) Kisses,sweetie
    Happy Tuesday

  4. my brother and i used to have so much fun at the children's museum. our favorite part was the grocery store, who knows why. the children's museum is actually very similar to a place in st. louis called the magic house. except the children's museum is smaller.

    the little kid in me really wants to visit now. i need to babysit someones child for the day so that i can go.

  5. what a fun museum--I haven't see a kid's museum with a grocery store or other more daily adult things. Glad you all are having a great visit in the states!

  6. I have the best memories of going to various children's museums, either on family trips, or locally! This one looks absolutely amazing - and Beli looks like she had an incredible time! (You look gorgeous as well, darling Elisa!).
    That little grocery store brought me back to my childhood - I probably wouldn't have left there no matter what :)

  7. Wow, this looks like a lot of fun!!! I love children's museums! I went to the one in Austin and it was so wonderful. Surprisingly when we were in DC there was no children's museum. I think they are supposed to open one this year. Your day sounded like a lot of fun! We also like Indian food. Java House. Great name for coffee shop!

  8. looks like fun! We have similar childrens museum and it is perfect for my 18 month old son and my 4 1/2 year old! glad you are having fun! thecoolkidsblog.com

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  10. Ps: I am hosting a natural cosmetics GIVEAWAY today! Hope you’ll join in :)
    Hugs and kisses, my dear

  11. Hey stranger! I just caught up on about a month of your blog...I told you, I'm behind!

    A few comments on your last month...

    1. Beli's such a little spitfire! I love the photo's of your hubs chasing her around the christmas tree! too cute!

    2. I've never seen an olive tree. They're so pretty! And your family's olive oil looks amazing!

    3. This is the second mention I've seen today of people running out of space for they're pics on blogger...I'm scared I could be getting close. Was it expensive?

    4. It looks like you're having so much fun in Iowa! It's so weird to think you're right here in the midwest with me! ;)

    I hope you enjoy the rest of your time here! Hope you're doing well!


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