Friday, January 21, 2011

The mailbox~ El correo

waiting for the mail.
it's cold, only 5F for the highs today.
have to be careful crossing the street.
icy roads.
Have a wonderful Friday my friends. What are your plans?
I'm planning some quality time with friends and maybe try a  new recipe: it's an asian pesto I had when one of my Mom's friends invited us for lunch earlier this week, it had basil, peppermint, cilantro, olive oil and lemon juice, sounds good right?


  1. brrrrrh! it looks sooo cold! loving the pics though, so very American with all the mail boxes like that!

  2. Quality time with family and friends here too!...And staying off of snowy and icy roads...This weather...UGH!

  3. that pesto sounds amazing! hope you enjoy. and stay warm!

  4. I agree Babs, seeing the mailboxes lined up like that and all different colors, sort of nostalgic. You should have seen me, I went to the mailbox and then I turned and I thought, 'oh, this would be a great photo,' so I went back and found the camera, and my fingers were freezing, but I had to take pictures! LOL

  5. That Asian Pesto sounds delicious. I had plans to stay bundled up this weekend due to the cold weather "it'll be -5 tomorrow." But this being the last weekend of school vacation, I decided to take advantage of it. I will join a friend for wine and dinner tomorrow and bake on Sunday.

    Have a nice weekend!!

  6. Asian pesto sounds great. I love pesto as it is, but this one sounds good too! Enjoy your weekend!

  7. Sounds perfect! It is snowing here also, an inch no more, but it is white outside. Hope you are having a great time, and Beli is making a snowman! When are you coming home?

  8. Great shot!
    I hope you enjoy the book! :)

  9. I love your first photo! Beautiful!!! I look forward to your post with the "Asian Recipe"!!! Sounds yummy! Today both of my girls went to a drop-off birthday party, so my hubby and I went to see a movie. I loved having alone time with him! Have a wonderful weekend, my friend! Kaho

  10. I love the photographs!
    Asian Pesto sounds super super great! :)

  11. I am going to a salad supper then to the theatre with a group of friends. I am taking a bean & bacon salad from a cookbook I have been reading called "A Taste of Croatia." Absolutely fabulous cookbook that incorporates information, history & pictures of Croatia from the author & her husband's 3 years there cruising on a sailboat. She obviously loved the country, its people, & its food. I am dying to visit Croatia for hopefully an extended visit or possible retirement with my husband. I LOVE your blog! Sweet stories with your family but also fabulous pictures & descriptions that help us trying to make such a decision have a better idea of what it might be like. Keep it up!

  12. Great mailbox photo and for sure a delicious Asian Pesto you are going to cook. Unfortunately I have to work on drawing plans today for my studies, so there's no time to relax, but it's a lot of rain outside so maybe it's not the worst to do on a day like that! Best wishes!

  13. that sounds amazing, report back :)

  14. Great photos, looks like a postcard! It's 15 degrees in NYC! ugh and going down! UGH!

  15. @poetess, can wait to read about your weekend!

    @Jen, thank you, hope you had a wonderful time with your friends!

    @Ana, I know what you mean about staying cuddled in, but it's always nice to spend time with friends. have fun!

    @Tee, thanks and that french fries place sounds heavenly!

    @Jelena, you are getting snow?!! keep warm, I loved your lentil soup, perfect for this cold weather!

    @Aron, yes, my nephew loved it!

    @Kaho, what movie did you see? hoped you and your daughters had a wonderful weekend!


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