Sunday, July 24, 2011

NoNo's cafe

How we came across this restaurant was by pure accident.  Earlier in the evening we drove around the neighborhood in search of a playground for Beli. We ended up across town!

It was time to go home and we asked Beli if she needed to potty. She said no, so we left. After a few minutes we reach an busy intersection and Beli tells us that she has to go So here we are, on the highway with no gas station in sight!

We are sitting on a red light waiting to turn left and I just hope that there is a place to stop, otherwise we are going to have an accident inside the car. The light turns green and we don't see any gas stations but we do see a cafe, so we stop and I run with Beli  inside.

The man in the restaurant was nice enough to point me to the bathroom when I explain I have a kid in need of one. When we come out, Beli is a happy kid once again and since we are at a restaurant she informs us that she is hungry. We are still about half an hour away from home and it's getting late so we decide to stay for dinner. The same man that was very helpful walked us to a both and handed us the menu. In fact, he was one of the chefs!

sample of dishes served, it was on the house!
basket of bread with spicy dipping sauce.

  I ordered the Monica smothered catfish. It was spicy! Yum.

 Hubby ordered jambalaya.

Grilled cheese sandwich for Beli.

Bread pudding for dessert!
Hubby with one of the chefs.

Great service, kid friendly, and very good food from New Orleans. We are coming back for sure! The menu at Nono's (means Grandpa in Italian) changes every 3 weeks so by then we should find something new for our taste buds!


  1. i LOVE finding little places like that!!

  2. Dania, me too! and a happy bday to you! and to spend it traveling, enjoy Spain!

  3. I love it when things like that happen!! :-) Especially when it ends up being a great place for a meal...and nice people to boot! ^_^


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