Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Colorado tomatoes and a pretty handmade basket

On Sunday we went to the farmer's market. Beli helped out in choosing tomatoes.

 We noticed this advertisement, we are marking the dates on our calendar. I love watching movies under the stars! don't you?

 As we were walking around the market, Beli noticed some hand woven baskets. She asked if she could have one and I said no. As we started walking, I see that she walked away with a huge basket. I returned it to the owner and apologized, but guess what? I got talked into buying one!

 Here she is with her pretty handmade basket!


  1. Ooooo! Those baskets are gorgeous! I can see why she walked away with....I mean wanted to show you...the basket! LOL And may be the recipient of the best of this deal! ^_^ ... And How cool about the delicious tomatoes at the market and the film in the park too! I'm liking Colorado more and more and more!! :-)

  2. I adore these baskets and she as naturally attracted to these things as a girl. A little purse for her.

  3. AnonymousJuly 27, 2011

    How fun that you will be able to go to Chile!

    P.S. Your little Beli is adorable!

  4. Those baskets are beautiful! Beli has good taste!

  5. Friend--I've been catching up on your summer this morning, and you're photography has just BLOWN me away. You're so talented! Beli is adorable and getting so big :)

  6. I love watching a movie under the stars!! I've only done it once and I had so much fun!!! I miss farmer's market in the U.S. Those are so fun and wonderful!


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