Sunday, July 17, 2011

Why oh why

"Have no fear of moving into the unknown."---Eileen Caddy

Do you meditate? For my birthday I received a book about daily meditations and it has been quite helpful, because everyday when I open its pages it somehow speaks to me. Like this phrase: "Do you feel that if you were somewhere else all would be well and you would be at peace?"
Earlier in the week, I had one of those days of self pity and involved lots of complaining. I felt guilty for feeling this way. So I did something about it. I applied for a new job!

But why am I complaining. Why? Why can't I see the big picture on those days when I'm drowning in self-pity? What more should I be doing? If you have any suggestions can you pass them along?

Meditation for today:
Instead of fighting against my circumstances, I will learn to flow with them and I will strive to find harmony and balance within.


  1. Sooooo...the job sounds like it's really getting to you! Maybe a new job really is in order then. I hope you find something that suits you better...I'm a Bible student, with a much bigger hope of better things in my mind, so that helps to keep me going...even in times when I'm not being all that I can be. It's always good for me to know that someone higher than me knows me well enough to know that my heart is good...even if my attempted actions aren't always so good. LOL And I always know that my future will be MUCH matter what's going on right now. :-) Sorry for writing a book, but this is a subject I could talk for hours about! ^_^

  2. Change what is changeable and have the strength to face the things that are not changeable....The job is not a permanent thing....change it

  3. You've had major changes in your life recently. One gets so busy with the planning and the moving, the getting everything in order, re-arranging one's family life, hoping you've done the right thing... eventually the stress has to come out! Don't feel guilty; you've been through a lot. Allow yourself to wallow in the self-pity for a little bit and move on.

  4. Poetess,
    Thank you Debbie. I'm usually a positive thinking person, I like to focus on the goods things of life and people. Maybe it's my perfection nature that I want things to be 'right',that's my biggest challenge. Nothing is perfect right? I really appreciate your input!

  5. Jelena,

    such words of wisdom! I did it, I'm changing that which is changeable.

  6. aw fun, what job did you apply for?? good luck :)

  7. 1. a fine young daughter
    2. a good husband
    3. a set of perfect brains
    4. a view on both sides of the ocean
    5. a smile that makes everybody happy
    6. a kick in the ass if that helps you go on !!

    I'll gladly fly over to provide you with nr. 6.

    did nobody ever tell you that sometimes you have to accept it aint all that easy in life, with many golden moments between it.

    like Nike says: just do it !!!, and for once those marketing rats are right.
    three up, one down, two up, one down, hey look, you just stepped up three steps !!!
    (and if it helps, read my blog, just for the fun of it; and good to know, it's hellish hot overhere, the flies love me and the melons need more water than I can carry).
    so............count your blessings !!!!!

  8. I love your honesty Pim!LOL

    Looks like you had a wonderful time sharing that delicious lunch with your friends. And I agree with you, money can't pay for those golden moments!

  9. thanks E.
    now we're talking again, and besides, your recent post shows your back on track again, hvala bogu.

    ps. that "lunch" kept us eating from twelve in the day to seven in the evening. (oooofffff, and it was'nt vegetables or fish).


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