Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A pizzeria where you feel like ~ un membro della nostra famiglia

This holiday weekend  my sister and her family visited us from Iowa. On of the nights, we went out to eat for dinner. There were a total of 8 of us: four kids and four adults so we decided it was best to go to a family restaurant and have pizza.

We chose Virgilio's, after watching an episode on Food Network. We met the owner of the restaurant, a native of Naples, Italy when he came around the tables to see if everyone was enjoying their food.  You can read more about the restaurant here.

photo with the owner
We ordered spicy mussels with garlic knots, mozarella sticks, pizza, spaghetti, fresh mozarella and tomato salad, and dessert! Everything tasted really good. Friendly service. We definitely felt like a member of the family.

 Beli really enjoyed spending time with her cousins. There were also visits to the zoo, an amusement park, the pool, fireworks and more food!

I kinda felt left out as I worked all weekend and only saw them in the evening for a couple of hours. But my sister took lots of photos so I will be posting them later this week.  Did you go to see fireworks?  And for my friends overseas, how was your weekend?


  1. The first picture of Beli is a gem! Please just lighten up the face in photoshop with the dodge tool or the hole picture and make a wall picture.
    Are these boys twins? They all look cute as buttons!

  2. Wow, that place looks so good! It was featured in Food Network? Nice! The pizza looks mouthwatering!! Made me hungry for sure. Beli and her cousins look so cute together!! My daughter has the similar skirt like Beli's. I also enjoyed seeing the photo of you. You look good in that shirt!

  3. How cute all the kids together!
    Mmh..did you say "membro della nostra famiglia"..Naples..Italy..everything sounds so familiar to me! ;-)
    And despite the fact you're across the pond, even the food looks so "Italian", especially the very flat pizza and the cakes!

  4. I could almost smell those delicious dishes, just great !
    Wish some local restaurants in Omis prepared only half that excellence.
    And than those deserts, oefff just super.
    Still have to take the time to visit that excellent bakery in Split you once described.

    Weekends here are like weekdays, enjoying life like it comes, looking how the melons grow, eating the very best tomatoes, having a short trip to Tomislavgrad (BIH) where cigarets cost about 1 euro 60 (the cheapest nicotine on the Balkan I guess.
    And sundays here are to relax, enjoy company, eat, drink, play balotte and drink some more.
    Not a big drinker (anymore), I love Grasevina, a splendid Croatian white wine !!!
    If available, go for Krauthaker, primus inter pares, simply perfect !!!
    Still love your pictures and writings, and since it's raining cats and dogs today, my reaction is a bit longer.

    Enjoy life, here in Croatia or overthere.
    And keep posting about it !
    Pozdravi iz Svinisce, Pim

  5. Wow the food looks great at that restaurant. It sucks that you had to work :(

    I heard the fireworks, but didn't bother getting out of bed to try to spot them.

    Enjoy your summer, fall will be here before you know it! Your daughter looks beautiful btw.

  6. everything looks delicious! I love eating with a big family because you can order a ton of stuff and try everything

  7. Thanks Jelena!The boys with curly hair are about 18 months apart, but they pretty much act like twins.

  8. thanks Kaho! You must be enjoying your time with family in Texas too. You have had a busy summer.

  9. Michela, pizza was mouthwatering, it disappeared within minutes!LOL

  10. thanks Pim, fresh tomatoes! I miss eating vegetables and fruits from Grandma's farm. Yes, you must visit that bakery, creme de la creme. Glad to hear you've been traveling. Between us, I do miss those days where I lost track of days, but I'm trying to keep a balance with work and enjoying time off.

  11. Ivonne, time is flying by, Beli is just growing too fast! I hope you are enjoying your summer as well!


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