Thursday, July 7, 2011

Photographs of Split

wondering who the photographer is.
any idea?
we went to eat at noodles and company and noticed the framed pictures on the walls.
 these two caught my attention. (actually it was hubby that noticed the city and country handwritten  on the photographs.)

And you know who took the photos below. hehe

Fish Market

And on a side note,  I just read that Croatia's beaches ranked 2nd in Europe for cleanliness.


  1. I must have missed something... O_0 Who is the photographer?! Is it you?!...And the other photos are beautiful here too!

  2. oh no, the first two photos are not mine. I'm curious to know who the photographer is because it's really cool to see photos of Split, Croatia (former Yugoslavia) in a restaurant in Colorado. Sorry about the confusion. the rest of the photos I did take myself.


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