Sunday, October 30, 2011

Version 2.0 of ~ it's gone UP the nose

So you've heard plenty of stories about how children put objects up their nose. Well this weekend it happened to us. AGAIN. You remember the story about the missing corn kernel? Unfortunately we can't blame the chicken this time.

This time it was play-doh. why play-doh? 

I was still sleeping and hubby was in the kitchen preparing breakfast when Beli started crying that her nose was hurting. Having previous experience, hubby grabbed the tweezers and a flashlight and asked Beli to blow out, not in.  Beli thought she needed to go outside so she walked to the door and  hubby asked, "why are you going outside?"  Beli replies, "to blow out."

This is when I wake up and I'm hearing cries from Beli that her nose hurts. So when the blowing out technique doesn't work, we tell her we are taking her to the doctor...she continues to cry.

Then I tell hubby, "I'm sure other kids have done this before." So I go to the internet and I find a blog post titled, " nose goodies." As I'm reading the article, I find a comment from a reader that shares her own experience of her kid going to the ER for putting a bead in her nose. She writes that the ER Dr.  advised her to cover the non affected nostril and blow through the kid's mouth. I'm reading it aloud and hubby says, "lets do that."

We tried it and nothing happened. so we tried again. Nothing. then I hold Beli in my arms to comfort her and I feel a gooey wet drop on my arm. It was the play-doh! Needless to say, we didn't have to go to the hospital.

Afterwards we asked Beli what Daddy do to get the play-doh out of her nose and she replied, " he gave me kisses."

Did you ever put foreign objects in your nose as a kid?


  1. not that i recall…i was one of those kids that took scissors to my hair. something i haven't attempted since, until recently, i successfully cut my bangs and it doesn't look like my five year old me did it. 15 years later, i've gotten better with the scissors.

  2. Yikes!...I'm glad your husband was able to 'blow it out'!...I don't ever remember putting things up my nose like that. I was more concerned with 'picking' things out...if you know what I mean. LOL

  3. Hi Eliza, thank you for visiting my blog and your nice comment :) It looks like we have plenty in common, he he. Yes, Dominican men are great cooks ;)
    I used to put things in my nose as a child as well... the worst one was Matryoshka, the Russian stackable wooden doll. I did stick half of the one next to the smallest one in my nose upside down so my dad could not remove it even with the twizzers. I'm not sure how it finally came out but I remember it was painful.


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