Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Beautiful views of Split, Croatia

In case you are wondering if that's the actual name of the city, it is and go ahead you can make the jokes. I was surprised with the name as well when I first met my hubby and he said, "yes I'm from Split, pronounced like a banana split!" I giggled as suddenly I had a craving for ice cream. Even though I have lived here for over a year, everyday I'm discovering new panoramic views of the city.
This hotel is owned by the mayor of the city, and it has been under construction for years. Politics and lack of money are to blame for the slow process.
My friends from Italy, South Africa and France. I do wonder what's on their mind.

Usually this street is busy with cars and we have to be careful and get out of the way, the drivers are insanely fast!
It was a warm morning and this cute dog was getting a bath under one of many water faucets found all over the city.

What do you enjoy the most about the city you live in? For me, it's the serenity found driving along the coast, the views are spectacular. Although I have to be brave about the windy roads. You don't want to know what happened when we traveled from Italy a few years ago. Ok, I will tell you. I was behind the driver's seat and hubby was driving and his Dad was in the front and his Mom in the back next to me. I began to feel nauseous and had to ask hubby to pull over. You know what happened next right? Then we drove to Opatija, beautiful town along the north coast of Croatia, where we stopped at a pharmacy. I explained to the pharmacist I needed tablets for motion sickness or nausea. Hubby said, "they don't have any." I replied, "I really need dramamine tablets" and the lady behind the counter said with her Croatian accent, "oh you need dramamine, of course we have it!" I guess it was my fault because I assumed the name would be different in Croatian. Lesson of the story, I always carry dramamine in my purse.

Update: (Thank you for your kind comments and prayers for Beli's great-grandfather. He remains hospitalized, still in critical condition.)


  1. really lovely views... looks so much like south of France. I love the new picture of Beli at the beginning of the blog.

  2. Beautiful could even pass for parts of the California coastal areas. Thanks for sharing. Yvonne

  3. You are so lucky to live there! I just LOVE these photos and can't wait to visit this spring.

    xo M

  4. Thank you for this lovely post. For me it's a way to "visit" these places and, the most important thing, to understand how are the people from Croatia - Croatians or expats...;)
    I'm glad that Beli was coming back...
    This picture just cool/refresh me!
    Thank you, my dear Chica Latina!

  5. Hi Elisa, I am so glad you stumbled upon my blog, so I could find yours. Welcome to the neighborhood. As things would have it I have some found memories of Split. My dad was transfered from Belgrade to Split and I was born and lived four years and then we moved back to Balgrade. We lived in a house in Bačvice, you probably know the beach, and then in the big white scyscrapers. Until the awful war we use to summer in Split every year. I also have beautiful memories of the States, lived in D.C. for 4 years, finished junior high there. I welcome you again, and I know how it is to move and hope one day you'll come and visite Belgrade. I am a new blogger but have joined a big group of food blogs that came from the ex Yugoslav countries. They are all on my blog roll and some of them have the English translation (Coolinaria, Laka kuharica, Sweet sensation...) Just click on the blogroll in the header and join us.

  6. Lovely to see a part of your world - thanks for sharing these lovely photos with us today !

  7. Beautiful pictures! I love living in a city with so much history, like you, I discover new things all time. Thank you for sharing the beauty that is Split, had it not been for your blog I would have never known. It is now on my list of places to one day visit.

  8. when everybody stopped laughing about the name Split, tell them that about an hour's drive south there is a small town called Slime.

    Split by the way, comes from Spalatum, the Roman name in earlier days, named after those yellow flowers that blossom by the million on the mountainslopes.

    (oops, sorry to say but we prefer Trogir, more human size.)

  9. Oh my...thank you, I already miss that view so much! I had such a good time in this city!
    Lucky you to live there!!

  10. Elisa, thanks so much. I think my grandma was pretty too. It's strange, cause I only ever knew her as an old woman, but looking at pictures from her younger days always makes me think how pretty she was too! She was one talented lady too. I miss her.

  11. hello Jelena,

    being a recent visitor of this blog, I read your comment, and discovered you're from Belgade, and speak english.
    what's more, you like cooking, so I need you help.
    hope you can help me to understand all names of different meat in Croatia, where we live.
    janjetine, teletine, that goes, but what's the name of the pieces they cut and sell.
    by the way, we're from Holland (Nizozemska).
    pozdravi, Pim.
    (do visit my blog, and leave me a note in the guestbook)


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