Sunday, August 1, 2010

Creativity and learning

For fun indoor activities like reading and writing, I keep a pink basket in our living room filled with supplies. Beli knows she can find puzzles, crayons, construction paper and some of her favorite books. One of them is this fun poetic book titled, How does Antuntun live?
Now that she is 27 months old I have noticed she is more interested in 'reading'. Before she would turn the pages and tear some in the process and not really paid attention to the characters in the books. But now, when hubby reads to her, Beli pays attention and wants to know what Antuntun, the main character is doing.

She also likes the Dora book, she mimics the action of Dora and the monkey by putting her hands on her face and saying 'I know."

This is also a fun book about a little girl named Ana, this is Beli's favorite page because the policeman is saying, "STOP." She knows this word very well because everyday when we leave the apartment and exit to the parking garage to access our car we say, "Beli stop, are there cars? look to your left now to your right." She thinks it's fun to stretch out her hands and scream "STOP!"

Coloring at grandma and grandpa's home with her frog and puppy dog. Hmmm, I just noticed she doesn't have any medos nearby.

And when Beli is not writing or coloring she loves helping out in the kitchen. A few days ago, I tried, for the second time in my life, to make flour tortillas. I gave her some dough and she was entertained for at least half an hour. She made circle and star shaped tortillas while I worked on stretching out my irregular round tortillas. Here she is showing off Mommy's not so round tortilla. I think after my 10th try I should have the technique just right.

As a new parent I'm loving this new stage of her life, who knew that coloring would teach her the concept of sharing or that reading Dora's bedtime wishes would help with expressing her emotions.


  1. how adorable! I can just picture her yelling "stop!" I love that you are teaching her to be tri-lingual.

  2. How awesome! I can't wait to have kids so I can be creative again :)

    xo Marcie

  3. so impressive, she is going to be a well rounded young woman with your help-- my daughter loves Dora as well but still stuck with one language.

  4. Thanks Lauren, she is an amazing little girl, Everyday we are amazed at how she can understand me speaking spanish to her and when hubby speaks croatian. We speak English amongst ourselves so she is exposed to that as well as a few episodes of baby tv. oh get this, one day I was telling hubby, 'bye sweety'. and beli mimicked me by sayin to hubby 'bye sweety'. it was the cutest thing.

  5. Marcie but you are creative, just look at your blog content,and the title. LUV it.

  6. that's so fun that she's getting into her books! And, I must say, your tortillas look pretty delish to me!

  7. Beli is getting so big. She is such a gorgeous little girl.

  8. Your little Beli is adorable!
    ..and i envy your secret playa down below :-)
    Here too, temperature drops in the evening...
    Have a lovely summer !

  9. Wow...I love this...Its so great to be creative with your kids...She is sooo cute:))

    Kisses my lovely:)

    Ps: I am having a really great GIVEAWAY today…hint?(something you can wear) so please join in !!!!

  10. I can't get over how adorable Beli is in every single picture - she is precious and I love that she yells "STOP!" to cars that go by!
    I loved this post - you are definitely an amazing mom :)

  11. @Housewife Bliss, aren't Dora books fun? It's very amusing to see the cartoons and hear Dora speak croatian then in English, 'lets go!"


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