Saturday, August 28, 2010

A shoebox and play-doh

Do you like the art I drew inside the box? It's my best work ever. Maybe?

I'm surprised that she can spend hours entertained by such a simple concept as play-doh.. She asked me to create cats, dogs, and elephants. I'm pretty good with cats, which consist of two small round balls and triangles for the ears on the cat, for the dog the ears are smaller round circles, but the elephant I have no idea. I passed that task to hubby.

My childhood version of play-doh was mud and water. From what I recall as a kid it was just as fun. But the advantage of having the play-doh versus mud is that cleaning up is much easier!

I was trying to make handprints but Beli only wanted prints of her feet.


  1. Boxes are a heaven sent for children. They all seem to be attracted to. Give a child an empty box and they will build you a castle. I remember I used to make cribs for my dolls in a shoe box with blankets pillows and everything. Good to let them use their imagination and creativity!

  2. I think it's pretty fabulous that you guys take the time to experience 'play' with her!!!...(And I don't have memories of Play Doh either. I played with mudpies too! LOL)

  3. So cute - Beli seems like she has an absolutely wonderful childhood :) How cute that she wanted to make footprints with the Play Doh!
    I grew up playing with Play Doh - but when I was really little I shoved it in my brother's ears for earrings, and he had to get it removed at the doctor's office, so we were banned from Play Doh for a while :)

  4. oh, I loved play-doh when i was little! it smells so good too!


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