Sunday, August 29, 2010

A movie at the park

Saturday night we enjoyed a film under the starry sky at the park Zvončac, right across Hotel Jadran. To my surprise it was a free event and this was the fourth year that the city hosted the event. When my Mother-in-law told us about the event, I thought, "hmm, I wonder what or where we were that we missed attending the event last year." The Zvončac film festival will run from August 27 thru September 10. The volunteers organized games and activities for the kids beginning at 6pm then at 8pm a movie followed.We only made it to the movie but we are hoping next weekend we can go earlier for the games.

(image via google)

We saw,Arthur and the revenge of Maltazard. I wasn't sure how Beli would react to the idea of being outdoors and watching a movie but she seemed interested. At times she will cuddle with hubby and I, or she would look up at the sky and point to the stars and start counting, "jedan, dva, tri." There where moments that she would sit up and pay attention to the movie and ask, "que es Mami?" as she pointed to the characters on the screen. I wasn't sure what to say about Arthur other than, "he is a small boy who likes animals." The movie was in Croatian and I was able to pick up a few words but hubby had to translate most of the movie for me. Next Friday they will be showing, The Great Buck Howard and the following Friday, the Astro boy. Have you seen any of these movies?

For more info on the Zvončac film festival you can click here. And if you should decide to go don't forget your blankets and snacks. See you there!


  1. Sounds like a great idea, a return to the outdoor drive-in theatre idea of the 70s!...I never heard of any of the movies though. Are they for children mostly? If so, that would probably be why I never heard of them. I don't have any children...except my 6 foot one! ^_^

  2. Debbie, I really enjoyed the outdoor theatre experience. And I'm with you, I had never heard of any of the movies. Two of the movies are for kids, only the great buck howard is for adults. I'm not sure if we will go to that as there are no subtitles and hubby wouldn't have much fun translating again. But the following one Astro boy is a kids movie, so I don't mind not understanding it.LOL

  3. Ah, it's been a thousand years since I enjoyed the outdoor theatre experience. This reminds me of my childhood. Glad to hear you all had a grand time. Am sure your daughter loved it. Happy Monday;-)

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  5. I can't remember if i ever sat outside to watch a movie... would love to though. Actually at Ma'in (the hot springs where we have been a couple of times) they had an outdoor movie theater (bibs is too small for that) and they were playing 007 (so not exactly her age lol) Enjoy the other ones (don't know them either!)

  6. I love outdoor movie night...Looks so fun...Such a shame that the weather got so cold...I wish I could do that:)
    Its raining here for the last two days:)

  7. @Fashion thanks! We will try going again next weekend, to see astro boy.

  8. @George,
    thank you for the invitation I will be sending you an email.

  9. Babs,
    Yes she is still too young, wouldn't have an idea what's going on. She probably enjoys the visits to the zoos more right?

  10. Diana,
    that's so crazy that we also had rain here, we were spared during the movie but by the time we arrived home, the rain began to fall.


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