Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Routine or no Routine?

A few weeks ago I took a picture of this beach while walking with a friend. I couldn't believe how the cars were able to park along the sea, well today I found out when we drove there to meet some friends. It was not even 10am and it was very difficult to find a place to park. I think it took us about 20 minutes of slowly maneuvering through the tight road to find a spot. You might actually see our car parked next to that yellow big truck. Do you see it?

Hubby's childhood friend was visiting from Zagreb with his wife and 3 year old son L. Beli and L got along quite well. She was actually sharing her toys! It was a very nice beach especially for parents with small children because of the small pebbles and several trees which offered plenty of shade. There was also a cafe where you could purchase sodas or gelato. Afterwards we drove home for a quick lunch since it was already late for an elaborate one. I prepared zucchini soup with carrots and potatoes and a tomato and cucumber salad. Then we had a failed attempt to nap since Beli made it loud and clear she was not interested in sleeping. I wondered, "wasn't she tired from swimming in the sea?" So I asked hubby ,"where should we go now?" We had several parks to choose from that had activities for toddlers.

Hubby suggested a trip to the small cafe with trampolines called Bubamara, Ladybug. It's located between Hemingway bar and Kavana Procaffe. Actually if you park near Hemingway then walk past the soccer field, on your right is the marina and on your left you will see the cafe with the trampolines.

The cafe had a small track for electric cars, a small arcade, this statue greeting you at the entrance,and you could even host birthday parties as well.

First row of photos:entrance to the cafe Bumabara, Beli taking her shoes off to go into the trampolines and a sweet moment with Mama.

Second row: Beli waiting for coins, then at the trampolines trying to balance sitting on both plastic donkeys, and Daddy driving the electric car beside her.

And speaking of birthdays, today is my nephew's 5th bday. Happy birthday Roman noodles.!
I called him over skype this morning and he informed me he was going to have some chocolate cake (since it was his favorite flavor) and was waiting to break the pinata his grandma and grandpa bought for him with his younger brother and two cousins.
And that was our day in a nutshell. Sometimes I wonder if not having a routine is a good thing, I mean our day is not structured at all. We all like some degree of certainty in our lives right? We have a joke in our home, "the plan is: there is no plan." But there are times that I would like to know what we are doing the following day or the next but the only consistency in our life right now is our free time. Is it wrong to assume that we all thrive on predictability?


  1. I think it is nice to not have a routine--it would help prevent you from getting into a rut and make you see everything as an experience rather than a chore. Sounds like you all had fun with his childhood friend!

  2. Amazing photos! I just love the first one. I like my routine, but I also like getting out of it every once in awhile.

    xo M

  3. OMG is there is not a single place in the world that doesn't have a bar named after Hemingway?

    Enjoy your free time. If anything is certain it is that nothing remains the same for very long.

  4. Bliss....
    Do you have holiday every day?
    We have >35 deg.C,here in our big city full of hot walls and hot streets,and you show me those wonderful pictures of the see almost every day.... How could I name this?...

    Enjoy your wonderful life!

  5. Lauren,
    it was fun getting acquainted with old friends. You are absolutely correct, life is too short and we should cherish those little moments.... thinking of your uncle.

  6. Marcie it's also a favorite of mine. It's just 'too pretty'.

  7. Mihaela,
    technically..um yes we are on holiday every day.I;m sorry about the high temperatures and here I'm tempting you with my photos.
    hugs my friend

  8. That sounds like a fun and relaxing way to spend time as a family! My mom is HIGHLY structured, so wherever we went, there was a schedule of places we'd stop, things we had to do. I remember that some of the most fun we had on family trips was when we'd see something that interested one of us while driving to one of the scheduled places, so I'm a big fan of not having a strict routine ALWAYS. It looks like it's working out for you and your family!
    Your nephew is adorable, by the way :)


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