Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A bike and portraits

Saturday I was surprised by hubby and his family to have lunch at this lovely restaurant. Thanks again for your sweet comments and birthday wishes! I'm very blessed to have such kind friends.

From the moment you step inside you are transported to a small place in history. This konoba or family restaurant has been around since 1799. The walls are decorated with portraits of local celebrities, including artists, and politicians. After we ordered our lunch the owner stopped by to ask if everything was to our satisfaction. Now I call that, customer service. If you are ever in the area, I highly recommend it. It's only minutes from Bacvice beach.

Historically konobas were simple cool rooms were wine, olive oil, cured meats
and fish were stored and where food was often prepared which is why they usually had fire places and dining tables. Commercial konobas (or ostarijas) are family owned and offer simple, high quality food made from fresh local ingredients using old recipes and most often focus on sea food and local house wines and spirits. It was around 1pm when we arrived and about half an hour later this place was busy with locals and tourists. (I could see maps and books about Croatia on their tables)You guessed it, that's Beli and hubby peeking through the window. I just love the old typewriter on the wall. They even have an outdoor seating area.

It was a very special day indeed! After lunch we drove to the Makarska Riviera (about 40 minutes from Split) where we stopped in the small coastal town, Baška Voda for coffee and while we waited to meet some friends I noticed a paragliding ad across the street, and you know what happened next right?
We asked for the prices and it was only 100 kunas/person (about 18-19 dollars). This was not planned but that's what made it fun and a memorable day indeed. Have you ever tried paragliding?skydiving?diving? Do share.


  1. I really want to paraglide as well as skydive! You're so lucky to have done both at beautiful locations. It is surprisingly affordable as well. I hope you had a lovely birthday!

  2. Tee, I was surprised at the price and it convinced hubby to try it as well. You are right, I tried skydiving also along the coast. Although I don't think I will be trying diving anytime soon. snorkeling was scary enough.LOL

    welcome back from vietnam, you took amazing photos.

  3. Oh, happy birthday to you (even if it's a little bit late for that:((
    I paraglided (that's the proper form of the verb...?) two years ago, in Opatija. What's unique in this experience is the view: you're flying like a bird and you have a bird's perspective.

  4. That's a charming little place. I adore the ancient looking piano...? I must dine there when in the area next month;-)

  5. Lovely place!
    I liked more the image with Beli with the title of your blog. It seems to me more representative for the main subjects of your blog....
    The new photo is wonderful indeed, but....I like more the other one.
    Sorry for my opinion so straight expressed ;)

  6. That restaurant is so fun! The bike on the wall is so creative. I've been para-sailing, and it was fun. I would never skydive. Just watching it on TV makes me nervous.

    xo M

  7. I'm too chicken to skydive, but my husband has. I might...might para sail. maybe.

  8. What a wonderful celebration you had and in such special surroundings. And to paraglide--wow. I'm not sure I'd have the nerve.


  9. Salut!!!My name is bogdan from Romania!!!
    We can be friends ???

  10. Alina,
    Opatija is a beautiful city! I imagine you had an amazing panoramic view.

  11. @Fashion,

    You are coming to Split? what a delight! Maybe I will see you on Riva having a cup of coffee!

  12. Mihaela,
    I appreciate your opinion,as you know I'm playing with the idea of switching to wordpress and I am not sure I want to switch. LOL. I will consider the image though.

  13. I've cached you again when you are playing here, on the blog...
    You changed the photo just right now!

  14. Oh, if I knew that earlier, I would have dined in the konoba when I was in Split two weeks ago!! It was wonderful there! But I don't know if I would have the courage to do paragliding...sounds like a nice birthday though!

    I invite you to look at my holiday shots from Split and surrounding, if you like! :o)

  15. Marcie, the bike on the wall is what caught my attention right away. I forgot to ask the owner who it belonged to, because it seems all the antiques found inside where gifts from locals who visited the konoba.

  16. Oooh how lovely this all looks! Love it!
    Sorry for not stopping by any sooner and I need to reply to your email as well (am indeed occupied with last weeks of pregnancy and nesting hormones:-))

    Hope you are well!

  17. That place looks amazing. I love touches like that in restaurants, it makes it so fun and really special :) You look gorgeous, as always. Parasailing must have been such an amazing treat - I've never gone because I'm not a huge fan of heights, but my brother and dad go every year to bond, I guess :)
    You pictures are gorgeous, I'm really glad you took so many to give more of a feel of where you went :)

  18. Jen, Paragliding is not as scary as skydiving, I say go for it girl!

  19. Bonnie, thank you for the birthday wishes.
    Your Lily is too cute.

  20. Hi Elisa, enjoyed your blog and some great experiences and photos of bringing up your little one. I am putting together a site which is live now but will not be fully ready until Nov 1, with the aim of bringing as much info about Croatia - living, tourism, bureaucracy etc, into one place as an English language website, and wanted to know if you would be interested in contributing some content for the site - with full accreditation to you of course. Have done the same with your friends at Pond Jumping and you can see several entries of theirs (which is how I found you). Would be nice to meet next time i bring my two girls (4 and 2) to Split. Cheers Paul


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