Monday, November 1, 2010

Crème de la crème a new pastry shop in Split, Croatia

I couldn't decide what to order. So many delicious pastries to choose from.

  I think I counted about 15 different types of homemade pastries and desserts!
Nice ambiance and decor. 
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 I do wonder if this piece of furniture holds any personal significance for the owner of the shop, Marina Wallner.

 It's  located across the movie theater karaman, which is the perfect location to meet up with friends afterwards, don't you agree?

So which one would you order? I finally decided on a slice of cheesecake (not pictured). It was all right, but next time I will try the strawberry cake or..... maybe the chocolate dessert. 


  1. Oh what a hard choice! I think I would go for one of those pretty lemon meringue tarts!

  2. For me Sara Lee cheesecake out of the books is the ultimate cheesecake. Nothing better then a roundez vous with girlfriend in a pastry shop with a round of cakes and a round of girl talk.

  3. I always go for the chocolate dessert...haven't had that go wrong for me one time yet!! LOL But I must admit, the strawberry cake sounds interesting!

  4. Definitely the lemon meringue tartlet ! :-)
    this pastry shop is very cool

  5. I had the cheesecake too, but it tasted like a diet version of cheesecake. LOL The volcano chocolate cake and creme brulee was very good! The decor and the selection of desserts is very different from the normal offerings in Split--pparently the owner spent some time in France and the influence shows.

    We're at De Belli in the courtyard almost everyday with Anja and little Freddy. Maybe we can meet there?

  6. keep posting please, no don't, or yes, please do !

    these are a couple of thoughts looking into your delightfull discovery !

    I "hate" to go to Split, the big town noise, the lunatics driving scooters and cars on each and every side, the disaster that once was the Riva.

    but oooooooh, waht to do with a GOLDEN tip like this one ?

    here in Omis they never heard of delights like this, but sometimes when we go to Makarska I run into a place where they sell fine cakes too.
    for example, a muddy chocolate-cake covered with orange zests, fruity bitter combined with chocolate, worth the trip.
    and now, shit, shit, shit, I must go to Split.
    which I will do for sure !!!

    thanks for another excellent bit of Croatian Delight.

  7. I would go with the cheescake too or brownie:)...Those look so so so yummy
    Have a great evening

  8. aww split :) how did you choose???
    and yah I grew up in Indiana! then lived in iowa for a few years :)

  9. The pastries look wonderful.

  10. They all look delicious and the ambiance of the shop is very nice! I love anything with strawberries, so the one with the strawberry on top would be my pick!

  11. That place is heavenly! I am in love with their sweet and their ambience. Beautiful!

  12. @Juniper

    they look yummy don't they?

    @Jelena, I will have to go and try your recipe (I think I remember seeing it on your blog)

    @Poetess, I love love chocolate as well and I wanted to try something new, maybe I will just order both next time.LOL

    @LALA I agree the decor is modern and classy.

  13. Alice, yes I will call you when I'm in the city! Now I don't know which pastry to try, how about if we have a tasting outing? LOL

  14. P,
    haha Yes I remember you mentioning that you don't like driving into the city!!

  15. Hey, I shared one of your blog posts and linked it back here today. Hope you don't mind.

  16. everything looks delish!!

  17. Deb, thank you for the link, I love it!

  18. Love, love, love this pic above. Gotta go there next week! :)

  19. Lorelai, you won't be disappointed!

  20. Dear Elisa,well,I couldn't thank you more for this post.I'm sad that i haven't met you there.At the time I wasnt yet working in that particular pastry shop.It's been 10 months that I'm a supervisor there and I'm glad to inform you that our offer has grown big :))).Hope you will visit us again and have a more dificult decision :).Keep us in good memory and sweet taste.

  21. Hey I'm from Split and when i first saw Creme de la creme from the outside I was in love. It has French charm and it rimindis me of parish Laduree. I love your blog! :)

    p.s please follow me on my blog:


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