Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Decorating with milk glasses and a lemon tree

 I adore this idea of decorating with vintage milk glasses. I hope it brings a smile to your face!

 And to continue with more beautiful yellow items, I absolutely would love to have lemon tree in my future home!

(photos taken by me)

Been busy with job interviews. 
Things are brightening up.
 I feel so lucky so have a support group
 sending me positive vibes.
Thank you!


  1. I've always used my interesting jars to hold flowers. They make great vases!! And I wish I had a lemon tree too!! :-) I'm glad to hear about the job interviews! YAY for you!! :-]

  2. Love this! So simple and yet chic. This is completely ridiculous of me, but I just now realized that you are back in the US for good--i just assumed you were back visiting for a while. Congrats on the BIG MOVE!

  3. I love the vintage milk bottles (or any interesting bottles and jars) idea for decor. With the flowers, they can brighten up any day.

    Good luck on all your job interviews.

  4. Lovely display for your flowers!
    Good luck, hoping to read good news from you very soon!

  5. Wow, how creative! This is definitely giving me ideas.. So glad I happened to wander across your blog. Good luck with the interviews - I know how hard it can be to find a job in this economy.

  6. These flowers sure do bring a smile to my face. I love wild flowers in a rustic setting.
    Keeping our fingers crossed for the job and sending positive energy across the Atlantic!

  7. Poetess,

    Debbie, I'm inspired to go antique shopping. having fresh flowers in the home is a must have!

    ps. thanks for the good wishes!

  8. Lauren,
    It has been a big move, and I know it was probably confusing about where I was since I did post about being in the States only for the holidays, but then life happens and we made the decision to move back to the states. Looking to further complicate things by moving from Iowa(where we are currently staying with my parents) to Colorado! LOL

    hope all is going well with your home sale!

  9. Thanks Tee, keep your fingers crossed!

    ps. looks like you had a wonderful time in Chiang Mai, even if it wasn't a solo trip. the post about the elephants blew my mind away!!!

  10. I love the milk bottle idea!! Awesome! We have a lime tree with tiny limes outside of our front door. It used to smell citrusy, but it doesn't any more. Bummer! The lemon tree here looks gorgeous and healthy! I wish mine was like that! :)

  11. Good luck with your job hunting! I hope you will land with a job you enjoy and love. I hope you'll keep blogging after you start working! :D

  12. Those milk jars are beautiful and I love using all types of bottles and jars for flowers:) So creative, sweetie...Btw; Its my dream to own a lemon tree...One day I will as soon as I get better with plants:) Happy Thursday, sunshine.

    Ps: glad that you are doing well. Hope everything will work itself out:)

  13. First of all: have a positive job hunt !
    Hope things do work out well, being Iowa, Colorado or even Alaska.

    That last one of course is a small joke, not good for a lemon tree, and than there still is that woman Sarah P. (yek).

    Lemon trees are fantastic, my mother in law has one in her garden in Kastela, and I hope to have one in Svinisce too (kept in some transportable can or jar).
    Climate in Svi is slightly colder than the coast, and so it needs to be out of the cold in winter.

    The fruits are super for cakes, the smell is super, and the leaves, fresh from the tree, are super to put in stews you might prepare for Davor.
    (So I guess it's a "triplesupertree").

    Go for it, Colorado sounds great too !!!!!!
    (As long as you remember good old Croatia).

  14. yes! i´m smiling. and good luck with your interviews. keep us posted. :)

  15. Good luck with the job hunt!

    Make sure you stop by and enter my giveaway!

  16. Prekrasan blog, puno zanimljivih ideja... Pozdrav iz Hrvatske. (

  17. thank you for the good wishes, I will know in a couple of weeks. I will keep you posted!


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