Wednesday, February 2, 2011

grab a shovel and fight the winter blues

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(P.S. thank you for your kind and sweet comments, I'm striving to think positive) 

As you know, Iowa doesn't get much sunshine during this time of year, so here are some simple things that I'm doing to avoid falling victim to the winter blues (SAD) .....
 (sorry, I can't remember the source to give credit for these ideas)

Eat less bread
something to do with a spike in sugar? Easier said than done!

Walk around the house, walk up the stairs, walk outside ...even if it is 10 -15 minutes, idea is to keep moving.  I will be out shoveling snow from my parents driveway, and all bundled up because it's cold!

Read a favorite book, but stay away from the fashion magazines....they will only make you feel self-conscious... what do you think about this, true or false?

Use your creativity, write a poem, cook up a favorite recipe ( I have a new recipe to share with you Asian pesto,which I promise I will post this week.)

Make a call
Call a friend and go out for a cup of coffee, or tea.

 Socializing is very important.


Laughter is contagious so grab a favorite comedy or laugh away with this quote I found:
“Women have a passion for mathematics. They divide their age in half, double the price of their clothes, and always add at least five years to the age of their best friend.” — Marcel Achard
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Notice I don't mention the phrase lose weight....there is no point,  my brain would only sabotage any improvement I might already have if I even remotely come close to saying, "I am on a diet."

So how do you keep the winter blues away? Please feel free to add to the list.

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(PS. in case you were wondering this is a revised post from last year)


  1. I love those tips..Walking always works for me. I always look forward to my evening long walks with my dogs. I feel much better after them:) Happy day, darling

    Ps: I am hosting Paloma’s Nest GIVEAWAY today:).Just in time for Valentine’s Day!

  2. Good luck on your new adventure! I wish you and your family the best.

  3. i don't like reading fashion magazines in the winter simply because they are usually filled with images of models dressed for warm weather climates.

    my coping with winter isn't going so well. i'm indulging in eating oreos with peanut butter, and drinking tea all day long. i've got to do something to get my mind out of the snow. it took my brother over an hour to shovel and snow blow out around our house.

  4. We're digging out of last night's blizzard, and you?

  5. I love a lot of the things you have on your list, like laughing, spending time with friends over coffee, tea, or a good movie, reading a good book, and spending time doing something creative {Like crocheting!!}. And if you're secure in who you matter what your body looks like! magazines are fun too! They become just something to help you appreciate the beauty around you! :-) The only thing I would add is PLAY BOARD games, alone or with someone! Fun post!! ^_^

  6. Diana, I guess that's what I miss the most, walks, but it's all up to me. I felt so good being outside, even if it was to shovel the snow. I felt 'happy'!!

    @biking in heels, Thank you.

  7. Sarah, yes I try to stay away from gossip/fashion magazines, I get depressed from all the 'skinny' people on the cover. I'm reading self-help books, it's motivating but once in a while, I do crave sweets, like right now, heheee I just finished shoveling the driveway and making snow angels, (first time in my life!!) It was so fun!!!!and now I'm baking the french-lemon yogurt cake,there goes the not eating bread tip!!LOL

  8. Ivonne, yes lots of snow! all schools were closed yesterday and today. to avoid cabin fever I went outside and while shoveling the snow I saw the sun in the distance, I smiled!

  9. That is a lot of snow.
    I can only say: Stay busy, stay busy, stay busy. Keeping your mind and self occupied helps. It also helps pass time. With Bella, I am sure you are entertained most of the time! :)

    While that pile of snow is dreadful to shovel, imagine how each little speck is a work of natural wonder.

  10. yah welcome home right???enjoy the snow for me :)

  11. you lucky .......

    ask yourselve "how old am I", then tell yourselve you're a lucky.....
    still having two/third of your life ahaid, with an amazing load of unique experiences to make anybody jealous, a small family to share tears and joy with, your family and friends, brains and good looks (unique also)and than THAT snow !!!
    winterblues ? shame on you, you spoiled.......!!
    kiss, pim.

  12. I've definitely found exercise to be helping lately. Oh, and hot chocolate. ;)

  13. Diana, thinking of you and this chapter of change as the new year is beginning.Snowy days can be tough when they go on and on. I lived two years in Norway ( one above the arctic circle so it was very dark for months).I found getting lost in a good book, late night talks with friends, going to watch films, learning a new knitting and indulging in your creative side works. music as well I found to really help, I used to go cross country skiing listening to Sting, Dave Mathews Band or or even older stuff like Sinead Oconner and Crowded house. A time of limbo is never easy.
    Hope some new doors open soon for you and your family.

  14. Great post! I think these points are true for any blues. It'll work for any blues like the one that people face after they move to a new city and miss friends from their last home. I didn't know about the bread. To me socializing helps me the most. I'm not sure about reading magazine. I think there is some truth to the fact about the effect of reading magazines being getting self conscious. I love reading magazines with coffee and tea.


Thank you for your comments!

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