Monday, May 2, 2011

Getting settled in our new home

 The first few days I felt lethargic, almost jet-lagged. I figured it must be the 12 hours of driving, but it was actually the effect one gets when living at high altitude, we're at 5,280 feet above sea level. We drank more fluids (Hubby also experienced headaches) and after a couple of days we felt much better.

When we lived in Iowa we were always traveling between my parents and my sister's home so it was natural when Beli asked, "a donde vamos?" She wanted to know where we were going. I would say. "Grandma's house" or  "your Aunt's house" depending which house we were staying at. Now that we are in Colorado, Beli wakes up every morning and says, "this is my house!" not once or twice but several times a day. I reply, "yes Beli this is your house, do you like it?" and she beams with happiness as she replies"yes!"

Our home is perfect for our needs. It's fully furnished (a great find since we're on a tight budget), it has a backyard for Beli to run around, we are in close proximity to the city's park and trails, and we have the nicest landlords. We were welcomed  with a handwritten note and a batch of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies and a carton of milk!
On Friday we spent the day outdoors basking in the sun as we planted flowers and herbs. Beli chose most of the flowers, the pink ones (geraniums) are hers, the yellow ones (pansies) are daddy's. 

 The following day Beli found all the plants indoors. I explained that it was too cold outside.

 It snowed last night!
Beli insisted that she would take care of the flowers in the meantime.

  There are days when she terribly misses her cousins. Yesterday she told us, "I want Dominik's house, I don't want my house in Colorado."

Overall, she is happy and quite creative with her surroundings!


  1. she is adorable! What a great new place :) so much gardening potential.

  2. oh my! I love this last picture of her - so much happiness. congrats to you guys on the new house. that yard looks like a wonderful place for family time. hope this new home brings lots of love and peace to the family. happy monday, happy may!!

  3. Elisa, I love your new house and the backyard especially! That's the thing we cannot have while we are living in the city (and it's also thing I want the most!) :)
    Beli is amazing!! :)

  4. I am so glad that you finally have a place that you can call your home. Beli is growing right in front of our eyes. You probably do not see it, but she is coming along so well. What a nice gesture from your landlords. I wish you a happy beginning once more in your life!

  5. So glad that you're enjoying your new home so far and how sweet of your landlords to welcome you with cookies and milk..aww:) Beli is so adorable and I wish you a lovely day:) kisses, darling

  6. gosh she is the CUTEST!!! your new house looks amazing - that yard space is so great! And if they are welcoming you with milk and cookies...don't ever move!

  7. YAY!!!! There's a big smile on Beli's face again! I hadn't seen that for a little while...Being at home will do that to you! :-) Welcome to your new home. I hope it's all you want it to be...and more! :-]

  8. Yay for new adventures! What a sweet gift to arrive to. Snow? Wow! That is so crazy!

  9. Your house is beautiful and the backyard is so pretty!!! I can't believe it snowed there. In May? I love the photos of Beli smiling. Absolutely adorable. She actually has a split image of you when she smiles! Beautiful girls!

  10. Thanks for the photos! It looks like a huge space to grow into. And those stuffed "medos" lord, help us all! Have fun with it--it's your NEW place! Make it your own.

  11. Dear Elisa, I really like your blog. I am from Split,Croatia and it was really nice reading your life story, from first big moving from moving back to USA. I wish to you and your family all luck and I hope you will come to our city again.

    Greetings from your "other" hometown :-)


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