Monday, May 23, 2011

Beautiful soul

some people have a way with words, they can express so beautifully what's in their heart, my friend is one of these people. 

You are so sensitive and delicate in your heart that I think you are expecting something more of life... but you don't know what exactly.....

Life is sometimes very difficult to live for sensitive people.

Your soul is so pure and light that you constantly feel aggressed by things, events, and people.... even dear people.

Being sensitive is a strength most of the time but can also be a weight sometimes. 
Every life event is lived at 100 %... and everything must be perfect, you in the middle, with your feelings and expectations...........
You are also a very intelligent person and you understand that the relief will come from yourself... this is why you say to yourself, "I must be a better person."

In fact you have the strength within you... and this is true.
A big power of love... you can offer spontaneously to everybody... not many people can be like you... this is partly why you suffer so much and can be depressed at times. You don't have to change... only be warned you will be fragile sometimes.
For the moment you have to see the positive part of this power : you can love, 
and it is magic.

pic: me
words: advice from my dear friend 


  1. Love is a magical thing, and it's no imortant if it is love for your kids, husband or friends! Can you imagine humans without love? I don't want to! Love is the life force evan if you met it just for a while, and these lucky one have it all the time :D
    Elisa, this is soooo beautiful!!

  2. Awwwww! She sounds like a very kind and insightful friend. :-]

  3. You have a wonderful friend who understands your heart and soul! I always think that you are a good writer. Your words seep in me every time I come visit your blog to read. I hope all is going well with you. I'm sure there are sides that we, the readers, don't know. Take care. I love your photo! Beautiful!! Was this taken near your home?

  4. Maja, I just had to share these words because they truly touched my heart.

    @Poetess, thank you, and you also my dear have a wonderful way with words, your poems are very inspiring.

    @ Kaho, despite our language barrier and coming from different cultures, my friend 'gets' me. I feel very lucky. Life is good right now. the photo was from a day trip we went to on sunday. I will post photos of that as well.

  5. And thank you about my poems too. :-]

  6. It is magic indeed! What a beautiful words and so sweet of her to write it for you! You have an amazing friend, my dear

  7. Elisa, I can see that :) Amazing!


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