Friday, May 20, 2011

One of our regular backyard neighbors making its appearance.
Beli saw the squirrel and said, "Mami, you need to catch the squirrel." I asked "porque?" and she replied, "so it doesn't get on your head!" I just love having conversations with her, she is so imaginative and says the cutest things.
Having fun in the rain!
garbanzos with fresh lemon juice and olive oil with fresh parsley
As a result of rainy days, we have been inside most of the week, so it gave it me a reason to spend more time in the kitchen.
crunchy salad

Baked salmon with potatoes and rosemary

 no-knead bread, you can watch a DIY video of a fellow blogger here for the recipe 
It's a castle!
( Beli and Daddy built the tower when I was away for a second job interview: I feel so grateful, I now have two jobs offers!)
We visited a couple of learning centers (daycare) for Beli. She was shy at first, but she quickly made a friend with one of the students. When we arrived at the second daycare she said, "this is not school, this is a fun place!" This was in reference to the fish pond at the entrance.
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 We are still undecided as to which center to choose, both are excellent. Decisions, decisions!

In the rain

Reflection on the sidewalk

Beli drew a birthday card for her cousin David who turned 4 years old last week.

So that was our week: visiting preschools, job interviews, baking, coloring, dancing in the rain. How was your week? What plans do you have for the weekend? We may go see some alpacas, and maybe, finally have some warm and dry weather so we can attend the ballet performance, Cinderella.  It's part of the series, Culture on the Green, "......Set outdoors at Civic Green Park, this series will pair cultural performances with a beautiful outdoor setting for an experience that is sure to delight all ages. Bring a blanket and a picnic dinner for an evening under the stars. Admission is FREE."
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Enjoy your weekend!


  1. that salmon and bread made me water my mouth.
    the daycare looks amazing - more like a wonderful park! and bella is so big playing in the rain... love that last photo smile ;)

  2. two job offers!? That's fantastic!
    Cinderella sounds like fun, and that school looks adorable!
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Even though I am 22 years old, I stil insist on playing in the rain like a five-year old -- either with an umbrella or without.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  4. Tell Beli that I need some cute boots like that! :-)) And the bread looks so delicious!!! I've cooked a lot of things, but never bread. I wish you could send me a loaf!! :-) And congratulations on the 2 job offers! Woohoo!!! Have a good weekend!

  5. Love the running in the rain photo's.

  6. Beli is growing up so fast!!! How cute!
    Happy weekend Elisa!

  7. Your daughter is adorable...isn't it funny some of the ideas kids will come up with? Looks like a fun filled week, and lots of yummy food too!

  8. @Thais, welcome back to the States!

    @Jen, thank you for the good wishes, I'm very excited about the two opportunities.

    @Bonnie, yes, dancing in the rain is for everyone!

    @Poetess, I will tell Beli! she loves wearing them everyone. Is there any way I can send you a loaf? I wouldn't mind!

    @Beach Vintage, she really enjoyed going outside.

    @Michela, yeap, she doesn't have that baby face anymore..

    @Lyndsey thank you. Kids do say the darnest things. Good luck with the squirrels in your own backyard and hopefully they don't eat too many of your fruit trees. it would be a shame. the mangoes and pineapples look so pretty on the tree!

  9. Beli's smile is gorgeous! I'm happy for the offers for you and I hope you'll be happy with your new job. The garbanzo beans, salad, salmon and bread all look delish! I would love to have the no knead bread recipe! What's the ratio of the olive oil and lemon? It looks so good!! How did you like the ballet performance?

  10. Oooooo! I just saw this post!! I'm jumping up and down with glee at the idea of getting a loaf of homemade bread...but I'm afraid that by the time it got to me it would be stale and wouldn't taste the same...But I can dream about it! And thank you for such a good heart...even WANTING to send it to me! :-] I really appreciate that.


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