Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday reflection~Adjusting

It's been 5 months since our return from overseas. 
I miss the smell of the Adriatic sea.
Walks along the pebbly beach.
The spontaneously manner of calling friends and meeting for coffee without arranging weeks in advance.
Social interactions with my in-laws.
Baki time for Beli.
I want to continue learning Croatian.
At times, adjusting has been met with resistance.
Trying to keep a balance with family and friends while desperately looking for a job to pay the bills.
Luckily just last week I received a job offer.
But I don't want to be enslaved to this new job. 
I want to have Croatia in my mind and heart at all times.
Yes, I'm nostalgic. 
My family knows its been a difficult transition, but they have lovingly supported us.
I wish I could scoop them up in my palm and have them near us. 
One day. 
For now, I want to savor this moment.
This feeling of gratefulness.
For our healthy  girl, our Beli, who fills our hearts with her laugh and smile and erases the pain we at times feel for being so distant from both of our families. 

And warm wishes to my Father-in-law, it's his birthday today!
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  1. What hard times must be for you, sending you a big hug from the West Adriatic coast!

  2. Sorry you're having to go through such a hard time. It "IS" much tougher when you're not living close to the people who love and support you unconditionally. But I once heard that any new move to a distant place takes about 2 years to really feel like home...So, be patient. And squeeze Beli a little bit closer every day, because she is both of your 'true HOME' now. :-)

  3. I know what it's like. The solution is to visit family or invite family to visit.

  4. sunday reflections, monday facts:

    today it's raining near Split, so monday is as bad as everywhere else in the world when it's raining or monday.

    to be able to reflect on sunday, one has to go through every day of the week, including monday.

    it took me sixtytwo years to finally reflect in total balance in Croatia.
    so, yes it takes a bit of time to walk those Adriatic beaches again, but take your time and savour each and every day !

    "sunday" it will be sooner than you think.
    enjoy your mondays, even with a bit of rain once in a while.

  5. wishing that this transition time goes by quickly and you can enjoy being where you at. I've been living in seattle for more than seven years now and still miss the smell of home.

  6. :( Sorry you're missing your family. That must be hard.

    Yesterday was my dad's birthday too!

  7. Elisa, the pictures looks so beautiful, I can't wait summer!! Maybe you'll be in Croatia sooner then you think :)

  8. I know the feeling of missing family and places you love. I wish you all the best, my dear and I hope that everything will turn out great. Have a fantastic Monday and kisses

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  9. Michela. thank you!

    @Poetess, you are so right, home is right here with Beli and hubby.

    @Ivonne, glad you mentioned that, in fact, my father-in-law invited us for the summer if I didn't find a job. Now that I do have a job, I will be asking them to visit us!

    @Pim, I remember rainy days in Split. and the south wind, Jugo. thank you my friend. You always have words of encouragement.


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