Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hooray for plants

I took this photo of our friends' kitchen when we visited them in Iowa. She really has a green finger. She says all she does is water them and the rest is up to the plants! Currently, I have a small herb garden in our kitchen's window sill. I have basil, sage (not sure what to use it for, but my sister gave it to me, so I'm keeping it alive), parsley, oregano, mint, and rosemary. I love cooking with fresh herbs and you?


  1. heat some oil, let the sage drop and take it out asap.
    put it on kitchenpaper, sprinkle with fine salt and add it as extra to some cheesedish, a salad or a vealdish (for hubby)
    sage is a nice taste, well to be combined with veal stews, but be carefull, it's rather dominant.
    (and if a cold, make some tea with honey and add some sage).
    pozdravi, pim.

  2. thank you! I'm going to try making the tea. and I when I prepare meat dishes, I'll be sure to add some sage.

  3. That's a beautiful plant stand! And the plants look fabu! She must have a green thumb, and good lighting in her house. :-) By the way, basil is delicious in Italian type dishes, spaghetti sauce, pastas, and so forth. And sage is just delicious in sausage dishes!! Trust me....DE-licious!!

  4. being in brazil has inspirred me a lot on getting my little garden going as soon as I get back home. I also love cooking with fresh garden herbs ;)

  5. Beautiful photo and all those plants look great! I also adore cooking with fresh herbs. Im really bad with plants but this spring I planted a few pots of herbs. Fingers crossed they will grow! Hugs and kisses, sunshine.


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