Friday, August 21, 2009


Ah, cozy bed can I sleep 5 more minutes? Just 5 more??

I hear Isabela from her crib ...."avua,avua,...milko,milko....mama,mama, daaaaddyy, daaaaddyyy, I nudge my hubby so he can wake up but he is not in bed, oh that's right, he is on his morning run (part of his P90x workout program). Ok I will getup...Isabela sees me and screams MAMA,MAMA. I whisper "Beli"....."amo" and she whispers back "mama" ......... "amo".

I have my cup of coffee while she has scrambled eggs with red bell peppers (she loves the red ones),then I trick her into having oatmeal by mixing it with yogurt, she took the bait..ok she liked it..

We play with ALL her toys in the living room and watch Daddy do his exercise routine. She grunts as she watches him lift his weights and tries to imitate his movements.

Making grilled fish for lunch, nothing to do with the smell coming from the neighbor's. Ok I will explain about the SMELL: sometimes our bathroom smells like someone else's kitchen. (It doesn't smell when I cook) You walk in and you can "smell" what the neighbor is cooking. Sometimes its grilled fish, well today it was BlackRisotto with a tomato and cucumber salad. Ok not sure about the salad, but it was definitely Risotto.

Going to the movies tonite with my brother-in-law and Davor to see the movie The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3. Yes it was just released in Croatia on the 20th, in the US it has been out since June.

Isabela will stay with grandma...They have a blast together, Isabela has this screaming contest with grandma, she doesn't do that with me just grandma.

Have a good friday everyone.

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