Monday, August 24, 2009

Still Counting counting..9.. ! that is how many mosquito bites I have...on ONE LEG, oh wait, 13 is an unlucky number maybe I should look for more bites.....umm no it is still 13, let's see the other leg, can you count with me? counting.10.11.12,YEAH it's not 13!!
According to Split residents, mosquitos have been a terrible problem this year along with humidity and recession. So what should you do to prevent these ugly creatures from devouring your precious and silky skin??? Lather on Lavender Oil, yes you will attract bees in the process and they could POTENTIALLY build a beehive on your body but that is better than 25 mosquito bites on your legs right?
All right, on with my day, hopefully it will involve more than SCRATCH......SCRATCH

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