Thursday, August 27, 2009


Why I think she will be left-handed
. After a full day of playing..Guess who has to pick up all those toys????????????

I "registered" for classes by writing my name and phone number and the teacher will be contacting me once she gathers 6 more names to start her class in October. SO I figured I will start now and went and bought a croatian grammar book and maybe, just maybe I can be in the second level instead of first level once classes begin...Wishing thinking..MY lessons are quite easy.....I am on lesson three and saying things like Kako Ste? Dobar Dan! Laku Noc, Dobro Jutro! ( all this I already know).
Went to the beach..for two days in a row, TWO...will tomorrow be the third?
Isabela is getting over the fear of the cold sea temperature, she even walks into the sea to catch up with Daddy.
I spoke with Mama and she tells me Ethan started first grade on monday. He was very excited. He is still in Tae Kwon Do, couldn't give it up for soccer, until he gets his black belt. David is getting potty-trained. And what Dominik did?? TOO funny.....(a two-year old pushed Grandma's sewing machine which was in its storage bag, flying down the basement stairs) HA,HA, who knew 2 year olds could be so strong! Roman is 4! FOUR! starting preschool!!
Went to see "My Life in Ruins". Takes place in GREECE.. I liked it and give it a THUMBS UP!

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