Wednesday, August 26, 2009


My day began with coffee and is ending with coffee! I am just finishing my fourth cup. Does going to the beach really tire you out that much? Or is it trying to keep up with Isabela?

Today was a crabby day for me. I don't know why so I had coffee and chocolate and more coffee and more coffee. And then I became obsessed in researching Richard Clayderman (NOT his real name, but rather a French name PHILIPPE PAGES which I am not even going to try and pronounce his last name, very same reason he changed his name, it has an accent over the E)

.......I remember the days when we would say "Oh, if only we lived near the ocean we would be taking walks along the beach". GUESS what? we live by the beach, and we ARE NOT taking walks along the beach.
Why is it that you want what you don't have and when you do have it, you take it for GRANTED???

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  1. oy! this is life's eternal question....that's how I feel about 21-year-old men. I want them, and when I get them--who NEEDS them?


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