Friday, August 28, 2009

THREE days in a row!

Yes we did it! Ok now I am sounding like Dora the Explorer. SO we went 3 days in a row to the beach, will tomorrow be the FOURTH?.. ...STAY TUNED....... same time, same channel...

Today: went to the beach, Isabela "played" in the crib. She didn't want to sleep. In the evening took her to the trampolines and she jumped and jumped up, up..She can say noga leg/foot and she kept saying it noga,noga,noga. I made friends with a Mom of two (6 year old and 11 month) we promised to have a playdate for our daughters. Beli ate gelato and Fornetti.. AH even saying the word makes my mouth water..Fornetti there I go saying it again, Fornetti...ok they are these phillo dough pastries, perfect bite size and they come with different fillings. Cheese (my favorite) vanilla, chocolate, marmalade, pizza sauce..They are addicting....!!!

You know what else is addicting?? Shopping and reading she is the Oprah of BLOGGING. (be warned:some foul language used, read intro and decide for yourself if you want to continue)

Tomorrow: beach??hint,hint...the market for fresh organic produce..then driving to Makarska to visit family friends.

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