Sunday, August 30, 2009


You are probably wondering if we went to the beach for the fourth day. Well, sorry to dissapoint you but there was no FOURTH day..instead Isabela and I took the tram from our apt to Hotel Park (20Kunas) or $4.00 dollars and from there we walked dowtown which took about 10 minutes. Went to the market and bought (eggplant 1dollar, red grapes 5o cents/lb, green beans 80 cents/lb, a beautiful bouquet for $7,) Great prices and fun to walk around and look. Then had Gelato, Fornetti. Isabela also likes eating them.

Later in the afternoon drove to Makarska to see family friends. Isabela was not SHY at all (she does take after her grandfather) and played with the daughters of our friends, and even with the family dog. That dog also took a liking to Isabela because when I went to pick Isabela up to have her join us for dinner, the dog barked at me!! Then Grandma also went to grab her and the dog BARKED at her. Maybe we should get her a dog to protect her?????

What a Dinner we had. . .Grilled scampi, Octopus salad, Mussels (two cooked versions), Fish soup and for dessert a torte with sour cherries and a GIGANTIC plate of fresh fruits and endless bottles of wine! I thought to myself ok I drink slowly, but surely there is an end to this glass I just never seem to reach the bottom of it. Then I left to go inside and check on Isabela who had fallen asleep and returned to the table and there it was. My glass FULL. AGAIN. I thought ok Am I hallucinating or is my glass really full? Why is my glass not empty I drank the last sip before I left or so I THOUGHT.. I looked around, looking to see if everyone else had FULL glasses but No it was just me...Then I thought "OK I am a Slow Sipper !!" But then I saw Frane look at me and smiled......He had been refilling my glass all night long!!!!! CHEERS he said. ZIVJELI !!!!!!

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  1. Makarska is such a beautiful place to visit, especially during early June or late September, when there is no so much crowd on the beach and the sea is still warm for swimming. Highly recommended place.


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