Saturday, August 22, 2009

One Scoop

Isabela woke up at 5:30am asking for avua. I gave her water, she went back to sleep but Mommy stayed awake.. So what to do so000 early in the morning?.. I enjoyed the view from our balcony (peaceful Adriatic Sea) and had a cup of coffee.

Then I tackled the Mountain of clothes that needed ironing. ( my favorite chore..NOT) Since we don't have a dryer we hang our clothes outside and the result..."CRUNCHY" garments.

Ok now for some fun..We met up with some friends and had a wonderful evening. Thanks guys for the plants, fruit, fig jam and the children's book. Isabela wanted to "read" it right away.

In the Palace, the celebration continued with more music and samples of food. Enjoy the video and a scoop of Gelato.

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