Friday, November 6, 2009

Anchovies and the President

While caring for Beli and worrying about her fever all week long, I had not updated you about our most recent trip to the fish processing company Ostrea and how we came to meet the President of Croatia.

If you ask anyone on the streets of Split how they feel about celebrities or important people, they usually shrug and act nonchalant. They don't make a big fuss and that is why when my brother-in-law mentioned that the President was going to be visiting his workplace he couldn't understand my excitement. Maybe the Pitt-Jolie family should consider moving here? No paparazzi to bother them.

A bit of history about where my brother-in-law works. He was recently hired as Sales Manager for the fish processing company Ostrea LTD. now located in the industrial zone of New Stankovci. They export anchovies mainly to Italy and Spain.

This year this industrial zone was the most successful entrepreneurial zone in Croatia, and responsible in attracting new investors. It was awarded the Agency for Export and Investment Promotion award. As recognition the President of Croatia was invited for a luncheon. Of course all this I learned from my brother-in-law that afternoon as we made the two hour trip.

For me, having the opportunity to meet the President of Croatia Stjepan Mesic was surreal. I worried what about what to wear and what would I say if I had the opportunity to speak with him. I heard he likes a good joke, except he speaks Russian and French in addition to Croatian. I am out of luck on this. I will probably just give him one of my trademark smiles!

As we waited for the arrival of the President, I noticed almost everyone was acting nonchalant about the visit. Except me, of course, I tried not to show it but then I pulled out my camera and everyone began questioning "who is she?" My hubby said "she is my wife." "Oh OK, we thought maybe she was a reporter!"
Ha, what an honor!

I can't tell you, I was speechless as the cars of the President and Secret Service made a loop in front of the parking lot (I felt I was watching a scene from a movie!) and then the President stepped out! It was so fun to watch!

I was mesmerized with the secret service so much that I managed to take a picture with one of them.

The owner and director of the company giving an interview.

My brother-in-law and the owner of the company

Presidentof Croatia Stjepan Mesic and my hubby.

Here we are touring the facility.

That afternoon, I learned all about anchovies, well almost everything. From how they are salted, preserved, and packaged and then exported to Italy and Spain.
Here is a little secret, if you like or love Italian food, most likely you are eating anchovies as they are the backbone to most recipes!Yes, I agree it is best not to know right??

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