Monday, November 30, 2009

Flying To Freedom

This morning I woke up with a positive outlook to life. Reading The Price of Happiness by Nando inspires anyone to rethink their personal situation. I personally liked this line from his blog,"let your heart dictate your choices for a while."

I decided that today I am listening to my heart and I saw Happiness when I saw these birds flying across the sea.

It was very windy and I couldn't tell if they were struggling to fly against the current of the wind or if they were just gliding. Either way I saw beauty in that.

Enjoy these pictures I took of my daughter this morning and you might like to listen to John Denver. It is a beautiful song!

The sun is hiding behind the clouds.

Looking up at the birds.

"Mama, please take the picture now..I can't sit on this bench much longer!"

Powerful waves.

She is posing for the picture! I said, "Beli, Mama is going to take a picture" and she froze and smiled at me.............

"La vida solo una vez se vive-You live life only once."

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