Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My little Artist

Isabela is a little energy bunny since she got her appetite back after two weeks of flu-like symptoms. I couldn't be happier to see her eat a full bowl of soup!!! After seeing the weather forecast, which I might add is actually right 99.87% of the time:rain, rain, and more rain I had to come up with ideas to distract Isabela and myself. I cleaned the kitchen with her help, she took every single piece of silverware minus the sharp pieces of course, and licked each one saying "Ummm,PAPA." Who can resist saying no to this face right? Just so you know I did wash all the silverware afterwards, in case you were wondering.
Next activity coloring. At first she was very concentrated on her work.
Afterwards she got tired and found a new workplace to color

Then she started coloring items within her reach, I had to follow her around because she wanted to draw on the walls. Then I found this great idea on the web, designate a wall for your child to draw on by taping a poster board on the wall and let her know that one wall is permitted to write on. Hmmm..., might work for a while but she is so stubborn (yes takes after both her parents) that it could be difficult to explain to her that no other walls are permitted to be painted on. Maybe I should skip this idea?? What do you think??

Her Masterpiece. Yes I will be framing it and making photocopies and giving one to each of the grandmas. Who knows we might have a little artist on our hands!

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