Monday, November 23, 2009

Zadar, Croatia

The weather was fairly warm yet windy to take Isabela along. We decided to leave her with grandma and my hubby and I went go on a day trip to Zadar , about an hour and a half drive North of Split. When we arrived my husband was quite impressed with the city of 100,000 inhabitants. He remembered it as a city greatly affected during the Yugoslav War. For me it was the first time to visit and in my opinion,the expansion is evident with construction sites all around you. There seems to be no stopping Zadar with numerous projects which include: a four star Hotel Bastion, (the Arsenal), an arts centre like no other in Croatia, the Punta Skala Resort complex and I can go on and on. You get the idea.

As we drove around the city looking for a spot to park I noticed many advertisements for Maraska and I thought maybe we are not in Zadar? But then my husband explained that Maraska is a local producer of the the cherry liqueur Maraschino and citizens of Zadar are very proud of it. No, I didn't get a chance to try it. Maybe on the next visit?

To see more of the historic city we had to access the city walls by crossing the Bridge Gate on foot. The buildings have so much charm and I love to look at the balconies decorated with flowers!

Alfred Hitchcock on his visit to Zadar was very impressed by the sunset that he was quoted as saying, "This is the most beautiful sunset in the world!" Now that is quite a statement right?

Unfortunately the day was very cloudy and while the Sun did show its face we didn't stay around for sunset. Therefore, I cannot agree or disagree as to whether it is the most beautiful sunset, but one thing I will tell you, the sea, sun and sea organ are definitely a Beautiful combination to see and hear. A bit of info about this Sea Organ I just mentioned. It is an organ with 35 pipes and underwater whistles. Motion of the waves drives air and water through the whistles and produces endless string of sounds. One of a kind agreed!

Greeting of the Sun is a similar unworldly display designed by Nikola Basic. It is a multi-layered glass plate. After sunset it comes to life as it simulates the solar system click here and you can see various images I was not able to capture during the day.

Walking back to our car at the end of the afternoon, I was in awe with the view and the city. I must say that indeed Beautiful!!

I leave you with this image of the Adriatic Sea.

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