Monday, November 9, 2009

Dusting and Disinfecting

I introduce you to my new best friend yes I am serious, the vacuum cleaner. As difficult as it might sound in all these months I had not used a vacuum cleaner! So what did I use, you might ask?? Good old broom and mop! Having ceramic tile in the main living space I didn't think of using anything other than these two items. Well, all that changed today! We had to buy a rug for our living room because the weather is getting colder and in turn the floor is cold. So I was thinking "it would be so much easier to use a vacuum cleaner to clean this rug than the broom" My husband replied, "well I can get it from the storage unit." That is right! I had forgotten we had one.

I started vacuuming, and I can't deny it, I now enjoy cleaning NO, I love it! Our Zepter product has a container for you to add water and it's suppose to not only clean but also disinfect. I vacuumed not only the rug, but the sofas, the dining table, the bedrooms, I skipped the bathroom because I don't want to risk getting electrocuted! But I can just clean and disinfect all day long! Am I scaring you with my eagerness to clean? Alright, drinking 2 cups of coffee this morning may have something to do with it. That is it, after today I am only using the vacuum cleaner.Bye-bye broom and mop!

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  1. I personally use a vacuum cleaner because I am a very busy mom and using it really fits my lifestyle. Good to hear that you are now using yours, which has been in your storage for long, just waiting to be used. Both broom and vacuum cleaner do a great job in cleaning. Using the vacuum cleaner saves time, effort, and helps you finish the cleaning quickly, which will give you more time to do other house chores. Brooms, on the other hand, save money and conserve energy. Both have advantages, but in the end, it will all go down to how well you cleaned the house.

    Deidra Schaefer


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