Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Fighting The Winter Blues

Simple things I am doing to avoid falling victim to the winter blues (SAD) .....or you can call them my New Year's Resolution... it is never too early to start right?

Eat less bread
Take this morning for example, my husband brought doughnuts to have with our coffee but I refused (yeah not so easy to say no) but later that morning I wanted an egg sandwich and since corn tortillas are non-existent and flour tortillas cost an arm and a leg, I had to use bread. Here is the trick, I only used half of it.

Walk around the house, walk up the stairs, walk outside ...even if it is 10 -15 minutes, idea is to keep moving.

Read a favorite book, but stay away from the fashion magazines..they will only make you feel self-conscious.

Use your creativity, write a poem, cook up a favorite recipe ( I have a new recipe to share with you but I need to go and purchase the ingredients).

Make a call
Call a friend and go out for a cup of coffee, or tea. Socializing is very important.

Laughter is contagious so grab a favorite comedy or laugh away with this quote I found:

“Women have a passion for mathematics. They divide their age in half, double the price of their clothes, and always add at least five years to the age of their best friend.” — Marcel Achard

Notice I don't mention the words (diet or lose weight)....there is no point my brain would only sabotage any improvement I might already have if I even remotely come close to saying, "I am on a diet."

So how do YOU keep the winter blues away??? Please feel free to add to the list.


  1. I think it is something that we all go thorough sometimes, thank you for sharing
    I also have my happy list!! ja jaaa
    I would add MAX 10!child

  2. Thanks for the reminder. I am going to post a link to your happy list. Everyone deserves to read it!

  3. drive to Ciovo, direction Konoba Django, choose in/out of the wind, it's a punta and start jumping/walking that cliffy coast.

    while concentration is needed, your winterblues are gone in a couple of minutes.

    in exchange you get the feeling back again that every moment living here is super.

    and if you get wet, well, you'll get dry again in less than a day.


Thank you for your comments!

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