Thursday, January 7, 2010

Back To Where We Started

"Who beeped, did YOU beep?" asked the lady behind the counter at the Metro Store as my husband, daughter, and I walked through the metal detectors.

"What is she saying?" I asked my hubby as the lady was giving us the evil eye and shouting a command in Croatian. "She is saying one of us beeped and to please go through the metal detectors once again." Oh, OK. Sounds fair. So he went first, NO beep. I walked with Isabela BEEP.BEEP. Maybe it was her Medo? I handed her over to my husband. NO beep. Then I walked through alone. Again that annoying beep. My husband said maybe it's your purse? your shoes? I said maybe my belt. NO! I am not going to start taking off anything..I am not at the airport. PLEASE this is a shopping center.

We stepped aside after curious shoppers were staring at the crazy lady who was shaking her legs through the metal detectors and waving her purse insisting to her husband that she had no idea why she was BEEPING!

Then a security guy came over with his magic wand and asked, "who is the person in question?" You got to be kidding ME. He ran his wand through my right side, no sound then the left side BEEP, BEEP. I pointed to my belt, No. then he ran it through again and it was my sweater! He asked me to lift it up, LUCKILY I had an undershirt. And there on the bottom inside of the sweater was the culprit! It was that darn tag that read, "Please Remove Before Washing". I never did, I mean I never imagined in a million years that this was the reason for the warning about removing the tag. The security guy smiled and asked the lady behind the counter for scissors to cut the tag off. They couldn't find any. Imagine that!

After a half-hour ordeal at the entrance we proceeded to the counter to request a membership card. It is required to enter, sort of like Cost-Co except this is just for business owners. My husband pulled out all his paperwork but the lady only needed the business stamp. He replied, "but I don't have it yet, I went to apply for it today." She didn't care. I saw her face, and it said, "No stamp, no card."

SO all that harassment for NOTHING??????

We were back to where we started.....with no groceries!

As we walked to the car, I thought the whole situation with the metal detectors was funny. Yes they asked me to lift my sweater, which I felt I had no choice if that was the only way we could buy milk and cheese at a discounted rate. I told my husband, "what was I going to steal, their 3liter bottles of laundry detergent?"

He said, "yeah lets take our money somewhere else, sorry Metro but today you won't be getting our money!"

Instead we shopped at Lidl.

Have you ever had any "incidences" with metal detectors?


  1. Thank God I don't have to shop at Metro. I'd beep every time. I never take out those tags. Who can be bothered?

    That is too funny.

  2. girl, you don't want to get me started with my metal detector stories. but i felt violated when they asked YOU to lift up your sweater...i was ready to hop on a plane and be your lawyer!

  3. It all happened so fast I had no time to react! But come on and get on a plane. Visit us!

  4. oh I was laughing so hard and polo had to ask what is wrong...I could not stop!he is telling a story that he saw on IPtv.

  5. Now that I look back, it was a funny moment.


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