Sunday, January 24, 2010

Baby escapes from her crib

A faint sound came from the radio in the adjacent room where Beli slept...Hmmm, I thought, "I didn't leave the stereo on". Startled I opened the door to the room only to find her playing on the floor with the stereo knobs. But wait, I had put her in the crib for her afternoon nap. I didn't even hear a thump. "Beli, how did you get out?" I asked. As if she could answer me right? I become frightened, she could have injured herself.

I called my husband into the room, and said, "let's see how she managed to jump out of the crib." And as I took pictures of her escape, he stood right next to the crib. We didn't want any accidents.

As if saying, "see that's how I did it!"

I had been worried that this could happen and I am just relieved that she didn't injure herself. Well now we have a reason to go shopping.


  1. We were lucky to have K. in his crib until this past Christmas- Santa brought him Big Rig sheets. He loved to crawl in the bed but never crawled out.NO big problem with
    transitioning either! Good that he lasted until he was 33 months! Good luck!

  2. Hahaha!! Oh man! A very daring little one she is. I'm surprised E. hasn't figured it out looks like I may only have a couple months left then....huh?

  3. las fotos me hicieron reir mucho, asi que me tengo que esperar que tal vez I. se empiece a escapar pronto de su cuna? para estar preparada

  4. KS,
    You were lucky, it's not going so well with Isabela maybe because we don't have central heater (gets cold at night, with our thick concrete walls) that I'm worried she will be cold at night,so our bed has become HER bed!

  5. -Iowa
    I was really hoping that she would have made it ok through the summer. I think she has learned how to climb because when we take her to the children's play area she follows the bigger kids!

  6. She is a little darling! It looks like you live in a beautiful place. Thanks for visiting my blog. Please come back often.

  7. Penny! thanks for stopping by. Yes I will be back to your blog, you have amazing pictures!

  8. Haha! A little escape artist. It's scary, but it must be so cool to see her develop her muscles and aptitude for getting around. :-)

  9. Hola! Si nos dio un gran susto.Pero si es muy independiente!

  10. I dont want to say anything..but your hubby is going to lock down the windows when she becomes a teenager!!!

  11. Oh didn't I tell you, he is signing up with the gun club. ummhuuu, just like our dear Dad.


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