Monday, January 25, 2010

My haircut at Filomena Spa

I finally had enough of my long hair so I called and made the appointment at Filomena Spa, conveniently located a few minutes from our apartment in Znjan. I was quoted the price of 40 kunas (8 dollars).

"A special price for the month of January," the lady on the phone informed me. I thought, "for that price why didn't I call sooner?"

I wanted a new style. Short. Very short. I asked my sister for her opinion and she told me over email, "Mochatelo cut-it off, New year, new hair-cut!" I showed up at the hair salon with my digital camera on hand, to show the lady how short I wanted it. I said, "I want it short, but long enough for a ponytail." In Croatian it went something like this, kratka, ali dug rep. She smiled and nodded. "Did that mean she understood my broken Croatian?" I hope so!

She shampooed my hair and massaged it, then conditioned it. Heavily. Did I mention my hair is super-dry? Reason #2 for wanting to cut it off. Reason #1, I tend to always style my hair in a ponytail and I wanted something different. She sniped here and there and vola all done! I looked and yes my hair was shorter but not as short as the girl in my picture. At that moment I said "OK, I like it." But I felt disappointed and angry because I didn't have the guts to try something totally different. I played it safe. Not too long but not too short.

Oh well. Next time.

After the haircut I walked downstairs to the first floor where my friend worked. She told me she was on break so I invited her to have coffee. We talked about motherhood, careers and adjusting to a new culture. She missed New York, and while adjusting has been difficult she wouldn't have any other way. Her break was over and she returned to work. I stayed behind and finished my coffee and just then the waiter brought some edible flowers!

Sugar-glazed edible pansies! I tried one. I was curious.

The texture was crispy like a Pringles potato chip without the saltiness of course, and quickly melted in your mouth. And eating one did something strange to the palate. Remember the Frito-lay Commercial, "Bet You Can't Eat Just One!"? It's true. I ate 4 or 5, maybe 6 if you asked the waiter. I left feeling happy and content. I hopped on bus #8 and went downtown to have more coffee with @pondjumpers. My new friend from Twitterworld!

And as soon as I figure out how to style my new haircut, I promise to post a picture.

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  1. the lord works in mysterious ways, child! next time. next time.


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