Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Making Lemonade With Your Kids

It has been raining consecutively for several days in Split, Croatia but I won't complain as my family and friends back in the States are under a cloud of below zero temperatures. So when the Sun came out on Saturday and not a single rain drop in sight, I told myself, "LET'S GO OUTSIDE!" Our daughter needed to have some fun...and Mommy too!

We drove to Rogoznica, Croatia about an hour 's drive from Split to visit my husband's aunt and cousin. Lora who is 5, was waiting anxiously for Beli. She put on her hat of "older sister" and took great care that Beli wouldn't go into the puddles of water on the sidewalk.

Then I suggested: How about if we do some fun activities kids?

Here is what we did!

We posed for pictures. Ok more like she was telling me how to stand like a ballerina. She kept telling me, "like this, you put THIS foot out, your right not your LEFT! Can you see why I am just smiling?

We played with Rex , a big, sweet and gentle German-Sheppard. I can tell she is going to be an animal person. She is not afraid of any animals.

And last but not least we hand-picked lemons.

I was in lemon heaven, if there is such a thing! The lemons smelled wonderful! We didn't let the kids pick any because the branches were thorny. To my surprise as this was the first time I was up and close with a lemon tree. I walked away with a few cuts. But this was just a small price to pay for having organic lemons in your lemonade!

And the best part about our day? Our kids took great joy in "sniffing" every single lemon. I guess to see which one smelled better?

Recipe for making home-made lemonade?

We had no 'real' recipe to speak of but rather we just kept squeezing the lemons and adding water and LOTS of sugar until it tasted just perfect.

After drinking glasses and glasses of fresh-squeezed lemonade we said our good-byes and promised to come back for more lemons and lemonade!


  1. LOVE IT! She is absolutely precious! I love how she was telling you how to stand. That is hilarious! Yes be very happy you are not in the states, this cold is crazy. I live in Florida and it was colder here than it was in London England at one point! That is just not right. :) I bet those lemon trees smelled absolutely delightful!

  2. Thank you! She is a bright little ballerina! When I heard about the cold weather in Florida I couldn't believe it! Stay bundled up! And yes the lemons smell fresh and I have some on our dinning table..(remember the movie,"The break-up" with Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn. How Baby wanted 12 lemons and well.... this baby GOT 12 lemons. LOL!!

  3. Thank you for sharing! This post made me relax and soak up the Croatian sun--even though I'm in chilly Brooklyn. I can smell the lemons from the tree--ah, so zesty!

  4. I loved it..Isabela is growing! -cris

  5. Nando I am glad to send you some sunshine your way. I also know how much you like lemons..Maybe I can ship so out to you?

  6. Cris,
    she is no longer a baby! some days she amazes me, like today, I asked do you want naranja? she said no, then she said Poque? Poque No!


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