Saturday, January 2, 2010

A travel memoir

My love for traveling began my first year in pharmacy school when my two closest friends and I traveled to Spain in 2002. I thought to myself, "I will never stop traveling". Must be something about the adrenaline rush, new food, new faces, etc...

Before graduating from school I embarked on yet another amazing journey: Australia,WOW is all I can say. I had quite the experience and learned something very important about myself, that I could adapt anywhere. I also disvoered I had a passion for photography. I spent a week in Tasmania, Christmas in Fiji. This prepared me to consider the idea of living abroad. And here I am now, living across the globe in Croatia.

And since it's the start of a new year I thought how appropriate to begin thinking about traveling and remember the reason I am living abroad. To embrace my new culture and in the process you guessed it, to take pictures, lots of them!

I will be editing this post periodically as I share with you the new places I have visited. And if you would like to share your journeys, I would be more than interested to hear about your travels, special places you have visited.

Did you know that Italy, Slovenia, and Austria are less than 10 hours away by car from where we currently live? Now, there is no excuse for me not to visit them right?

I am off now to start planning our next trip.

Just a quick update: our first road trip destination: Italy:Pisa, Florence, and the Tuscan countryside! read about it here and here and here.

I will be awaiting your travel stories!


  1. Hi Elisa, I have just come across your blog-through you finding mine first! I look forward to reading more about the life of a fellow expat and travel addict.
    As for travelling in your region: last summer my husband and I rented a car in Germany and visited the Czech rep, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Italy and Austria - all within 12 days. That's the bonus of living in Europe, so many countries are so easily accessible. Enjoy!

  2. Hi Ulrike! I justed wanted to say that I admire your positive attitude. What you said “Never say ‘No’ to something new"..because that could lead to unknown opportunities. I love that.That was alot of driving, which country did you enjoy the most?

  3. I have three words to say.

  4. Hi Elisa, thanks for yor comments. I think it is important, as an expat especially, to be open to new experiences. There are so many expats who simply sit out their time and wish they were home, what a waste of a potentially exciting life that is!
    As for travel -country-wise, don't know which I liked best - Hungary is pretty and varied, but they are all lovely. Cities I enjoyed best were probably little Bratislava, Ljubljana and Venice.

  5. Pozdravi Elisa,
    what does one do, sitting behind his pc in Holland ?

    Well, it may not make sense to you, but I check anything with a Croatia related item in it.

    And before I continue, I'd like to add to your close-country-column the name of BiH, as its much closer than the countries you mentionned.
    Perhaps you're more into shopping than hiking, nevertheless, it is the closest of all if you want to cross borders.

    Which, to clear some things, is something I often do, driving from our little hideaway behind Omis, in about one hour to Livno or Tomislavgrad.
    Not at the moment, as we're in Holland for a couple of weeks (tax, bills, paperwork), but will be back very soon to enjoy life in our hidden valley and around).

    Interested how a dutchman and his 25%-croatian wife do it (not "that" !)see:

    Have fun, as spring is coming soon, Pim.


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