Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Los Tres Reyes Magos (The Three Wise Men)

Today is my fourth day of exercising (rigorously) and eating healthy: which means NO CHOCOLATE, do you know what that means for a choco-holic? Torture..........but I learned from my friend Nando said that his trainer told him about a study that allows you to eat a small piece of dark chocolate. Because of its cardiovascular benefits, it is actually recommended along with your exercise plan. My sister also suggested green tea and fish oil capsules. I really want to put my best effort forward because I feel a change in my attitude. Veo todo de color rosa. A saying in Spanish that translates to, The world is perfect as is. So Dark Chocolate welcome to my world!

It continues to rain so I will exercise indoors.
Then......midway in my work-out.... I was inspired to cook..something about a cloudy, rainy day makes you think about food.
Don't get me wrong, I do cook but I call it Baby Cooking-meaning it is bland food. And I say bland because there are no jalapenos. Here is a little fact about my eating habits. I eat EVERYTHING spicy. OK not everything but you get the idea. So that is why when I say I am inspired to cook it means Adult Food-the kind with many spices and sabor!

I found one of the cooking books we received as a gift for our wedding. That was three years ago and just today I will open it for the second time. It is in Croatian therefore I should understand the basics right? or I can ask my mother-in-law since today is a national holiday and she won't be working: all the shops are closed.

I will see what recipe looks interesting in this recipe book.

How does Pikantni Kuskus s Povrcem sound? I think it means : Spicy couscous with vegetables? Well that sounds healthy the directions..WOW 2o ingredients and only 7 steps! Hmmmmm.. I better pull out my Croatian-English dictionary because this will be require some translation.

She thinks she can help with the translation.

My little helper searching in her pantry. I had to create this special drawer of empty containers because she kept opening the refrigerator door so this is the alternative.

Half-an-hour later..........

Beli was running around playing Peek-A-Boo!

Then we received a phone call from my mother-in-law to go have lunch at their home.

Will have to postpone preparing this recipe for another day. And so much for my inspiration.

Hubby's brother also returned from his business trip in Italy and has a surprise for us. When we arrived mi cunado (brother-in-law) explained to us as he opened a huge paper bag and started pulling out gifts for everyone "since today is January 6, El Dia de los Tres Reyes Magos, or The Three Wise Men, these are just small presents on my behalf that I brought back from Italy".

I know about this special day because we also celebrate it in Mexico. I guess I didn't realize they did the same here in Croatia. I really didn't connect the dots. Did you?Now I understand the reason for today being a National holiday.

Opening one of the gifts.

I am sorry my readers but I will prepare that recipe sometime soon. I promise!

Now I must go make cupcakes with Beli and her new gift.


  1. FINALLY someone celebrates LOS TRES REYES MAGOS, now I can die happy! cris

  2. Thank you Dragan, you are my hero now..cris

  3. We celebrated as children didn't we? or did you mean other countries besides Mexico?

  4. ha,ha I like to keep you in suspense..Perfume Escada "Desire Me". Smells wonderful: rich chocolate, orchid and honeysuckle floral scent.


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