Saturday, January 30, 2010

Friday Night At the Museum In Split

Sarcophagus of Hippolytus and Phedra

Last night the city of Split hosted the NOC MUZEJA '10, which translates to night at the museum, from 6pm to 1am you could visit any museum in the city free of charge.

We chose to visit the Archaeological Museum only because a friend of my husband invited us a few days earlier saying his band was going to be playing there. At the time, we had no idea that it was Museum Night.

Could this have been a Greek Goddess?

I noticed this was the only sculpture with its head intact.

Oh wait, that's my hubby..

We enjoyed live music by the band Lite Motive. I love their costumes. Don't you?

Unfortunately our time was limited, our babysitter (grandpa) was anxiously awaiting our return home, otherwise we would have visited other museums.

The banner at the entrance of the museum.

Afterwards we joined our friends and walked downtown to the Pizzeria Galija, known as having the best pizza in Split. It was my first visit and I was not disappointed, the pizza was excellent: a crispy crust with the perfect balance of cheese and tomato sauce.

I would recommend you stop by and check it out next time you are in the city.
Address: Tonciceva 12
Phone: +385 21 347 932


  1. What a lovely idea. Looks like a great night out!

  2. What wonderful photos. It sounds like you had a fantastic evening.

  3. Hello Elisa: Imagine my surprise to find a new friend and greeting me from Croatia! I am really enjoying the blogging community. Your photos are amazing! But then you have a lovely little daughter to photograph as well as scenery around the beautiful countryside. Thank you for commenting on my blog and please come again.


  4. Great post! This "Night At the Museum" became a very big thing in Croatia since last year and this year, the numbers doubled! I think the authorities should consider having one night each month to be something like this!

  5. Ulrike, It was a fun night, they even had a shuttle bus to take you to each museum!

  6. Hi Mary, we really enjoyed learning a bit of history while listening to great music.

  7. Hi Bonnie!
    I agree it's great finding friends around the world! And yes I love taking photographs, especially of my little princess. Glad you stopped by to say hello.

  8. I agree @secretdalmatia. I was surprised to see so many people! Maybe Kerum will try and boost his popularity and repeat this again? LOL, let's hope so.


Thank you for your comments!

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