Friday, July 30, 2010

A Forest in the city

Unable to go to the beach because of the sudden drop in temperature,(Adriatic Sea was at 19 Celsius, now for me and Beli that's a bit chilly!) park Bene located within the wooded area in Marjan hill has been our new favorite summer distraction.

To reach the park from the gated entrance it took us about 50 minute walk, I'm speaking toddler time, because at a good pace you could be there in about 25 minutes. Our trek included many stops along the way as Beli was inquisitive about her surroundings. She asked, "Mami que es?" as she pointed to a butterfly, I would reply, "es una mariposa or es un arbol, another tree." I really enjoyed these moments because not only was it a learning experience but also a way to bond, daughter and mommy.

I love the idea of having benches along the way, looks welcoming to read a book right?

We spotted a few swimmers in this area I like to refer as la playa secreta, the secret beach.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend! I will be in the kitchen creating a few more recipes with tomatoes and jalapenos. What plans do you have? oh yeah and see you next month, August is just around the corner!


  1. Looks like loads of fun!

  2. can you believe it's already almost august!? this month has absolutely flown by.
    happy weekend!

  3. I enjoyed the walk, and Beli even more!

  4. very soon I'm turning a year wiser, and I don't know If I want August to arrive plus Fall is soon arriving. and back to winter months..

  5. Thanks for your words on my blog!!

    What a lovely life and words and photos here.
    Nice to meet you

  6. Hi Lilian! I love your Art work, especially the tanzanian girl portrait. (we need to talk!)

  7. What beautiful views! Thanks for sharing.


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