Monday, January 2, 2012

A road trip to see Ice Castles

 Our last road trip of 2011. Hope 2012 brings more travel and sight-seeing.

 Beli had much fun walking through the tunnels and admiring the high arches. You can find more info about the project here.
 It was meant to be about an hour drive to Silverthorne, CO but with high winds it took us over two hours.

Isn't it a winter wonderland?

We met one of the artists and he urged us to return after sunset to see for ourselves how different the view was at night. And that's what we did. We had a nice lunch, then returned to see the illuminated ice formations.

 It looks like someone put powdered sugar. (giggling)


  1. So spectacular at night. Beli looks to be very happy in wonderland.

    Happiest of new years

  2. wow! I've never seen anything like that!

  3. I'm nearly speechless...this is absolutely amazing!! I'd LOVE to see this in real! (Well, obviously I forget about the cold!) Thanks for sharing!

    All the best for 2012 to you, Elisa!!

  4. WOW!! How fantastic is that!! :-] You got great photos of it too! It looks like it was really fun going in and out of the tunnels.....and COLD!! LOL

  5. wow! qué impresionante y hermoso lugar! me da frío sólo de verlo!
    feliz año nuevo!!

  6. Helen, Beli has so much fun! (I wasn't sure if she would go for the hat and mittens and snow boots...but when she felt the cold she was more than ok to bundle up!)

  7. Amanda, you should check out their home page, last time they were in Utah. (at least that's closer to you)

  8. Tania, I think you would love it, especially with your architectural background, I'm sure you would take spectacular photos.

  9. Poetess, at first you didn't realize how cold it was because the sun was bright, but once you were in out of the tunnels, you really felt the COLD, plus we were at over 8,000 feet above level. But it was really a beautiful thing to see!

  10. The third last picture I am gonna "rob" !
    It kind of explodes into your face, stunningly good, and my absolute favorite.
    And looking at pictures like these, it cant be that bad not to live in Croatia.
    Ah well, had my first walk between the palmtrees at the Adriatic today, and to me that was stunning as well.

  11. This is really amazing. I have never heard of this place and your photos are wonderful. Thanks for sharing them with us. I hope you had a great holiday. Blessings...Mary

  12. Winter wonderlend indeed! I can see you have such a wonderful time!

  13. These photos with "The Princess Beli in the Ice Castle",even if she is a modern dressed one ;), are the most cheerful way to start the year!
    Looking forward to seeing/reading your future great illustrated trips/day-by-day life stories.
    Have a better year, and your resolutions become true!

  14. Happy New Year!! Your photos are gorgeous!! Absolutely stunning. We have the opposite weather here, so it looks like a winter wonderland to me! What a trip you made!


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