Monday, January 9, 2012

Cocina Latina~ Latin Cuisine

When my sister and I traveled to New York last month, our friend Nando treated us to a fun group dinner at a Latin restaurant: Yerba Buena
Service was beyond attentive and the food was amazing.

 We began with picada (yucca, tostones, chorizo, chicharron and spicy rocoto salsa) and guacamole.

 Ensalada Yerbabuena ( jicama, avocado, tomato, orange, yerbabuena, and citrus vinaigrette)

 For entrees  we all shared: Moqueca, Costilla, Arroz con pollo, and Tacos de pescado.

For dessert we also shared: Churros sprinkled with cinnamon and a chocolate dipping sauce, Flan and pastel Tres Leches.

Would I recommend this place? yes!
Will I go back? yes
Thanks again Nando for planning the whole trip and introducing us to an amazing group of friends.
and German we wouldn't have captured the weekend without your photography. Gracias!

(Today I went grocery shopping with Beli and I found jicama on sale! I'm thinking of preparing that same salad, although I can't guarantee the presentation will be as nice but I can give it a try.)


  1. Yum all of that looks so good- I love Yucca but have never cooked it at home

  2. My brother-in-law prepares it by boiling it like a potato and then preparing it as a side dish with a bit of salt. but like you I've never made it myself at home!

  3. The food looks incredible, so yummy! and the desserts I like so much


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