Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A paintbrush and bubbles

 Beli was feeling under the weather this weekend. She complained of tummy ache, headache, her nose and mouth hurt as well. Hubby and I split our work day and we managed to keep her at home.  During these times is when the guilt of working full time sets in for both hubby and I. How wonderful it would be to have Grandma near. Soon....very soon.


We had a warm day so I urged her to get some sunshine.
 I brought out water and bubbles and the rest was up to her. She grabbed a paintbrush and decided to paint with bubbles. 

In the afternoon we visited the pediatrician. Beli did great until they poked her finger. 
Then she stated that she didn't like doctors anymore. 
My sweet girl. 
All the exams (flu, strep, bacterial ) came back negative.
Not much we can do other than lots of  love and attention.


  1. Warmly hope she feels better soon my lovely. xx

    1. thank you my dear, fever is gone, NOw she says her ear hurts..

  2. Poor baby. :-( But at least it wasn't anything bacterial. That would have been serious!...Give her extra doses of love and attention. It's good medicine. :-)

    1. Yeah, the high fever can be really scary. amazingly she was in such good spirits, very mellow, and you can tell when she is feeling better, she is back to her sassy self!LOL I really enjoyed staying the afternoon with her.

  3. Ohh she is so adorable and she is such a big girl already:) I love those photos and I hope she will feel better soon:) Have a cozy day, darling. xo

  4. the kid looks so beaty! great pictures


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