Sunday, January 8, 2012

The snowflakes

"Beli do you want to go collect rocks and leaves to make a project?" I asked. 
A big enthusiastic yes came from her room.

We had just finished our rest time (a quiet time to recharge our bodies) and all the curtains were closed in our home. I walked to the front door and surprised by the weather I cried, " It's snowing!" (the weather forecast said snow, but all morning the sun was shining!)

Alright, change of plans.
"Beli, do you want to go and catch snowflakes?"
Another big yes came from her room.

Can you see the snowflakes?
and we found some rocks and leaves after all.


  1. :-) Good for you! Catching snowflakes can be a frustrating process. It's must easier to get rocks and of my pastimes too. :-)

  2. looks cold! Very cute the baby!


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